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Farscape is one of the finest sci-fi shows (or TV shows in general) I've seen. Naturally, in the great tradition of the original Star Trek, it was cancelled. The final new episode aired 3-21-03 in the USA. Sadly, that left the show with an unresolved cliffhanger for season 4, and no end to the epic love story that had continued since the first episode. In late 2003 good news filtered out: a four-hour miniseries was in production. Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on Oct. 17, 2004, and cleaned up the loose plot threads. You can buy the complete series on DVD, or watch it in syndication.
My unique position on the Farscape canon is that it is done, and that no one should lobby for a movie or a revival of the TV show. Stories have a life, an arc, and the best thing that ever happened to Farscape was its cancellation. It forced them to write an ending. Now, unlike annoying lingerers like The X-Files, this show went out strong, and not with a whimper.

Episode Guide

The numbering scheme: I like to number a show's episodes straight through, so if there are 22 episodes in the first season that means the first episode of the second season is episode 23. Other people use the numbering scheme where each episode is bound to its season, so episode 1-22 is followed by episode 2-01. This guide uses both conventions, so everybody's happy.
The "correct" episode order: Some Farscape sites have a different episode order than that shown here. Often a network will finish and air episodes in a different order than is ideal for a show's overall timeline. It's a necessity of showbiz. They clean it up later, assigning an episode sequencing that works for the syndicated reruns. If you are one of those with a tragic adherance to the "original airdates" episode order, you have my pity, and you'll find airdates at the TV Guide site in the
links section.

[ Season One - Episodes 1-22]

01  1-01  "Premiere"
02  1-02  "I, E.T."
03  1-03  "Exodus from Genesis"
04  1-04  "Throne for a Loss"
05  1-05  "Back and Back and Back to the Future"
06  1-06  "Thank God it's Friday. Again."
07  1-07  "PK Tech Girl"
08  1-08  "That Old Black Magic"
09  1-09  "DNA Mad Scientist"
10  1-10  "They've Got a Secret"
11  1-11  "Til the Blood Runs Clear"
12  1-12  "Rhapsody in Blue"
13  1-13  "The Flax"
14  1-14  "Jeremiah Crichton"
15  1-15  "Durka Returns"
16  1-16  "A Human Reaction"
17  1-17  "Through the Looking Glass"
18  1-18  "A Bug's Life"
19  1-19  "Nerve"
20  1-20  "The Hidden Memory"
21  1-21  "Bone to be Wild"
22  1-22  "Family Ties"

[ Season Two - Episodes 23-44]

23  2-01  "Mind the Baby"
24  2-02  "Vitas Mortis"
25  2-03  "Taking the Stone"
26  2-04  "Crackers Don't Matter"
27  2-05  "Picture if You Will"
28  2-06  "The Way We Weren't"
29  2-07  "Home on the Remains"
30  2-08  "Dream a Little Dream"
31  2-09  "Out of Their Minds"
32  2-10  "Look At The Princess, Part 1: A Kiss is But a Kiss"
33  2-11  "Look At The Princess, Part 2: I Do, I Think"
34  2-12  "Look at the Princess, Part 3: "The Maltese Crichton"
35  2-13  "My Three Crichtons"
36  2-14  "Beware of Dog"
37  2-15  "Won't Get Fooled Again"
38  2-16  "The Locket"
39  2-17  "The Ugly Truth"
40  2-18  "A Clockwork Nebari"
41  2-19  "Liars, Guns and Money, Part 1: A Not So Simple Plan"
42  2-20  "Liars, Guns and Money, Part 2: With Friends Like These"
43  2-21  "Liars, Guns and Money, Part 3: Plan B"
44  2-22  "Die Me, Dichotomy"

[ Season Three - Episodes 45-66]

45  3-01  "Season of Death"
46  3-02  "Suns and Lovers"
47  3-03  "Self Inflicted Wounds, Part 1: Could'a, Would'a, Should'a"
48  3-04  "Self Inflicted Wounds, Part 2: Wait for the Wheel"
49  3-05  "...Different Destinations"
50  3-06  "Eat Me"
51  3-07  "Thanks for Sharing"
52  3-08  "Green-Eyed Monster"
53  3-09  "Losing Time"
54  3-10  "Relativity"
55  3-11  "Incubator"
56  3-12  "Meltdown"
57  3-13  "Scratch 'n' Sniff"
58  3-14  "Infinite Possibilities, Part 1: Daedalus Demands"
59  3-15  "Infinite Possibilities, Part 2: Icarus Abides"
60  3-16  "Revenging Angel"
61  3-17  "The Choice"
62  3-18  "Fractures"
63  3-19  "I-Yensch, You-Yensch"
64  3-20  "Into the Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter"
65  3-21  "Into the Lion's Den, Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
66  3-22  "Dog with Two Bones"

[ Season Four - Episodes 67-88]

67  4-01  "Crichton Kicks"
68  4-02  "What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice"
69  4-03  "What Was Lost, Conclusion: Resurrection"
70  4-04  "Lava's a Many Splendored Thing"
71  4-05  "Promises"
72  4-06  "Natural Election"
73  4-07  "John Quixote"
74  4-08  "I Shrink, Therefore I Am"
75  4-09  "A Prefect Murder"
76  4-10  "Coup by Clam"
77  4-11  "Unrealized Reality"
78  4-12  "Kansas"
79  4-13  "Terra Firma"
80  4-14  "Twice Shy"
81  4-15  "Mental As Anything"
82  4-16  "Bringing Home the Beacon"
83  4-17  "A Constellation of Doubt"
84  4-18  "Prayer"
85  4-19  "We're So Screwed, Part 1: Fetal Attraction"
86  4-20  "We're So Screwed, Part 2: Hot to Katrazi"
87  4-21  "We're So Screwed, Part 3: La Bomba"
88  4-22  "Bad Timing"

["Season Five" - The Farscape mini-series: Peacekeeper Wars]


Season 1

Premiere: A research scientist (Ben Browder) attempts to harness Earth's gravity in an experimental space mission, but it goes awry — hurling him into an alien galaxy where he's caught between two warring factions.

I, E.T.: The fleeing refugees are forced to crash-land on a planet similar to Earth, where Jack Crichton hides out from pursuers on a farm owned by a woman (Mary Mara) who takes to him.

Exodus from Genesis: To evade a searching Marauder Scout Ship from Bialar Crais' Command Carrier, Moya hides behind a cloud of what appears to be asteroid debris, but the debris is an alien life swarm.

Throne for a Loss: Rygel (Jonathan Hardy), attempting to impress clients transporting cargo, steals a crystal essential to the ship and finds himself — and the crystal — kidnapped by the very people he tried to impress.

Back and Back and Back to the Future: Two crewmen are rescued from their disintegrating space cruiser. But one of them is a spy (Lisa Hensley), who tries to seduce Crichton and Ka D'Argo (Anthony Simcoe) — and steal weapons technology.

Thank God It's Friday. Again.: When D'Argo flies into a rage and leaves the Moya, the rest of the crew pursue him to the planet Sykar, a seemingly idyllic workers' paradise with a deadly secret.

PK Tech Girl: An alluring and savvy Peacekeeper technician, who was picked up from a derelict spaceship, figures in the defense of Moya from aggressive scavengers called the Sheyangs.

That Old Black Magic: Supernatural forces transport Crichton to the ephemeral realm of the sorcerer Maldis (Chris Haywood), who pits the commander against Crais (Lani Tupu) in a battle that hinges on Zhaan's (Virginia Hey) spiritual powers.

DNA Mad Scientist: On a distant asteroid, Moya links up with an alien geneticist, who promises to help crew members find their home worlds, but seizes the opportunity to make radical DNA experiments.

They've Got a Secret: Crisis aboard pregnant Moya, where Pilot is demobilized and a disoriented D'Argo drifts into flashbacks that ultimately reveal a startling secret.

Til the Blood Runs Clear: Danger lurks on a distant planet, where two vicious Blood Trackers waylay Crichton, Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) and D'Argo, who's soon to realize that his fate lies in the commander's hands.

Rhapsody in Blue: Inner demons induced by a Delvian sect plague Zhaan, whose dark side is released again, and Crichton, who's enveloped in a highly sensual experience called "Unity."

The Flax: An invisible "drift net" in space, which is controlled by ruthless Zenetan pirates, traps Crichton and Aeryn, whose survival hinges on an eccentric alien — and reformed pirate.

Jeremiah Crichton: Temporarily lost in space aboard a module, Crichton ultimately lands on the planet Acquara, a seemingly utopian world where he becomes "the other man" in a romantic triangle.

Durka Returns: Menacing Peacekeeper Selto Durka (David Wheeler) resurfaces after he's undergone a "mental cleansing" by the powerful Nebari. Yet Rygel still seeks revenge against his former tormentor.

A Human Reaction: A return to Earth invites chaos for Crichton, whose military father figures in the fates of the Moya crew and especially the destiny of his son, who reveals his passion for Aeryn.

Through the Looking Glass: Stuck halfway through a starburst maneuver, Moya is split into several copies all existing in the same space, crossing dimensional axes. The crew must figure out how to restore her, while also dealing with a frightening cross-dimensional alien.

A Bug's Life: Peacekeeper commandos and the Moya crew join forces to contain a virtually undetectable and deadly virus that has infested the ship and moves from host to host.

Nerve: Part 1 of 2. To save Aeryn, Crichton infiltrates a Peacekeeper base, where he's captured, tortured and faces Crais. The important character Scorpius debuts in this episode.

The Hidden Memory: Conclusion. The Moya crew mounts an attempt to rescue Crichton, imprisoned by Peacekeepers.

Bone to Be Wild: Moya and her unsuspecting crew encounter a carnivorous alien. Francesca Buller, the wife of series star Ben Browder, makes a guest appearance as M'lee. While this episode stands on its own merits, it also ties into the excellent Scorpius-pursues-Crichton arc.

Family Ties: Intriguing plot twists and clever action sequences mark this episode, which finds the Moya travelers imperiled by the pursuing Peacekeepers, led by Scorpius. This is easily my favorite episode in the entire series. Great story, great dialogue, great performances and an outstanding musical score.


Season 2

Mind the Baby: Scheming Crais seizes command of Moya's offspring, a living spaceship that has separated from its mother and is hiding out in an asteroid field.

Vitas Mortis: A dying Luxan matriarch with holy powers is transformed under D'Argo's care into a young beauty, whose regenerative energy has dire consequences for Moya. The episode title is Latin for "life causing death."

Taking the Stone: A death wish overcomes Chiana (Gigi Edgley), who, shattered by a loved one's passing, debarks on a planet inhabited by teens bent on daring, life-threatening behavior.

Crackers Don't Matter: Strange things begin happening to Crichton and the others when a strange alien life-form is brought on board.

Picture If You Will: The saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" takes on a whole new meaning when a shape-shifting painting is brought aboard Moya, exposing the crew to an old enemy, the sorcerer Maldis.

The Way We Weren't: Chiana discovers a Peacekeeper recording of the murder of Moya's original Pilot, a female. One of the shooters appears to be Officer Sun.

Home on the Remains: Crichton, D'Argo and Chiana land on Chiana's home planet, searching for food for Zhaan. However, Chiana's people are not too happy about the visitors, and even less happy to see Chiana.

Dream a Little Dream: On a strange planet overwhelmingly populated by lawyers, Zhaan finds herself framed for murder as part of a political plot. Chiana and Rygel must defend her in court and win their case within three days or Zhaan will be executed. Meanwhile, Crichton, D'Argo and Aeryn are nowhere to be found.

Out of Their Minds: The crew of Moya have a collective out-of-body experience after a weapon fired by an enemy ship causes their minds to transfer into different bodies.

Look at the Princess, Part 1: A Kiss Is but a Kiss: In uncharted territories, the crew comes across an inhabited system that is about to crown a new queen. But she is still in need of a king — and Crichton is a perfect candidate.

Look at the Princess, Part 2: I Do, I Think: As Crichton tries to decide if he should marry the princess or try to flee Scorpius, conspiracies abound, threatening to make his decision for him by ending his life. Meanwhile, Zhann and Pilot follow a course that only Moya knows and Aeryn decides to reveal her feelings for Crichton.

Look at the Princess, Conclusion: The Maltese Crichton: Crichton's statue has been made headless and the search is on for the culprit — and the head. Meanwhile, Aeryn is lost in the wilderness, and no one has any idea where she is.

My Three Crichtons: After Moya is struck by a strange beam of light, Crichton finds himself split into three separate stages of evolution. Now he must work with his other selves to solve the problem and reintegrate himself into one whole being.

Beware of Dogs: A shape-shifting parasite called a Vorc gets aboard Moya and attacks D'Argo, leaving him with a mortal wound. The crew must track down the Vorc and use it to make a serum to counteract the creature's venom and save D'Argo's life.

Won't Get Fooled Again: Crichton awakens to find himself back on Earth, apparently having never entered the alternate universe where Aeryn and Moya exist. But strangely, he starts seeing his old friends all around him, including Scorpius (Wayne Pygram), which can't possibly be a good thing.

The Locket: Moya runs into a "hyper stream" of time that causes Aeryn and Crichton to age at an accelerated — and alarming — rate. The crew must find a cure before the pair die of old age.

The Ugly Truth: Moya's wayward son, the gunship Talyn, returns to known space but destroys another ship in the process. Moya's crew is in turn captured and questioned about the attack. They are ordered to give Talyn up — or face execution.

A Clockwork Nebari: Moya is hijacked by members of the Nebari, who reveal Chiana's unknowing role in their scheme to take over part of the galaxy.

Liars, Guns and Money, Part 1: Stark's (Paul Goddard) plan to rob a seemingly impregnable bank to raise money for the release of D'Argo's son is jeopardized when Scorpius shows up to make a withdrawal of his own.

Liars, Guns and Money, Part 2: The crew makes good their escape from the Shadow Depository, but the currency poses a threat to Moya's life. Meanwhile, Crichton duels with Scorpius in a meeting of the minds.

Liars, Guns and Money, Conclusion: Crisis aboard Moya: the ship is dying, and Crichton is at the mercy of Scorpius, who plans to lobotomize his archenemy unless the crew can organize a desperate rescue with the help of a motley group of mercenaries.

Die Me, Dichotomy: Crew members pool their resources to get a surgeon for Moya and Crichton, who's falling further under the sway of Scorpius. D'Argo, meanwhile, makes plans for the future. Dictionary.reference.com says dichotomy means, "division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups: a dichotomy between thought and action.


Season 3

Season of Death: Moya's crew, still reeling from Aeryn's death, returns to the Ice Planet to check on Crichton's progress, unaware that Scorpius has already paid their friend a visit and is lying in wait.

Suns and Lovers: Moya's life hangs in the balance after the ship is entangled in docking cables during a visit to a commerce facility to invest the crew's ill-gotten gains from the Shadow Depository. D'Argo, reeling from personal betrayal, risks his life to release Moya.

Self-Inflicted Wounds, Part 1: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: Crichton's efforts to speed Zhaan to a recovery planet are thwarted when an alien research vessel inadvertently fuses with Moya inside a wormhole, forcing the two crews into an uneasy alliance made all the more tenuous by the collision's life-threatening damages to Moya.

Self-Inflicted Wounds, Conclusion: Wait for the Wheel: Faced with a threatening wormhole, Moya's crew members prepare to abandon ship for Neeyala's vessel — until they discover Moya's disintegration is the result of sabotage. Maybe the episode title refers to the Wheel of Fortune, the capricious nature of fate, and being patient enough to wait for it to turn in your favor.

Different Destinations: Moya's crew arrives at the site of an ancient battle in which Peacekeepers surrendered to a superior army. A mishap sends them back in time, where they accidentally change the course of the fight. In order to save their own futures, they must find a way to correct their mistake.

Eat Me: Damage to their transport pod forces Crichton, Chiana, Jool and D'Argo to make an emergency landing aboard an abandoned — and ominous — leviathan.

Thanks for Sharing: Talyn is injured and Crais is in a coma. The crew, including both John Crichtons, arrives at the planet Kanvia in order to get a stimulant called Chromextin in the hopes it will help heal Talyn.

Green-Eyed Monster: An encounter with an enormous space creature leaves Talyn and his crew fighting to stay out of the belly of the beast when the leviathan is swallowed whole in an episode penned by series star Ben Browder (who plays Crichton).

Losing Time: A malevolent energy being infiltrates Moya and buries itself in the body of one of her crew, leading to frantic efforts to uncover the identity of the unwitting host.

Relativity: Crichton lands Talyn on a jungle-like planet to allow the ship to recuperate from battle wounds, but the layover is disrupted by a Peacekeeper force led by Aeryn's mother Xhalax Sun (Linda Cropper).

Incubator: Scorpius takes a new tack with his archenemy by trying to forge an alliance with Crichton. To do this, Scorpius reveals details of his own troubled past to earn Crichton's sympathy.

Meltdown: Talyn is drawn into a sun by Mu-Quillus, a being with a hunger for leviathans. Complicating matters is Stark's determination to free a female from Mu-Quillus' clutches, and a mist affecting the personalities of Crichton, Aeryn and Crais.

Scratch N' Sniff: A planet specializing in hedonism ensnares Crichton, D'Argo, Chiana and Jool with its pleasures, but the four are unaware of the price they are to pay for their debauchery.

Infinite Possibilities-Daedalus Demands: After the Scarrans launch a fierce attack on Crais and a blinded Talyn, Crichton and Aeyrn resort to constructing a potential doomsday weapon to save their comrades.
FYI: The title refers to Greek mythology. Daedalus was a wise inventor, clearly an allusion to the alien taking the form of Crichton's father. Icarus (see next ep title), the son of Daedalus, flew on wings of his father's making, but flew too close to the sun and then fell to his death. Icarus clearly is Crichton.

Infinite Possibilities, Conclusion: Icarus Abides: Conclusion. As the Scarran dreadnaught draws closer, Aeryn races to free Crichton from the influence of Scorpius' clone and activate the doomsday weapon with the help of an alien who has taken the likeness of Crichton's father (Kent McCord). This is a key episode in the Crichton-Aeryn love story.

Revenging Angel: Crichton's incapacitation forces D'Argo to assume command of a mission to save Moya from being crippled by a self-destructing ship.

The Choice: Aeryn's search for her missing father leads her to a murky world populated by mystics, seers and frauds. Here, she discovers the pursuit of truth to be a formidable challenge.

Fractures: Moya's crew encounters a ragtag group of fugitives on the run from the Peacekeepers, including a Nebari, a Scarran and a female Hynerian.

I-Yensch, You-Yensch: The wounded Scarran Naj Gil is about to go to a medical vessel when Talyn panics and attacks it. Crichton and the Moya crew realize something radical needs to be done about Talyn. Meanwhile, during tense negotiations with Scorpius for wormhole technology, D'Argo and Rygel are caught in the middle of an armed hold-up.

Into the Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter: Crichton begins his gambit to thwart Scorpius' efforts of mastering wormhole technology by meeting with his archenemy aboard a Peacekeeper command carrier, where renegade Peacekeepers Aeryn and Crais encounter old comrades.

Into the Lion's Den, Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: All the plots, all the counterplots, and everyone’s schemes from Crichton’s to Scorpius’s have been thwarted. Now there is no alternative: to stop the Peacekeepers from getting wormhole technology – if they should be stopped at all – Crichton is going to destroy the Peacekeeper Command Carrier. And he must trust Crais to do it. Spoiler: This episode effectively ends the long-running Scorpius-pursues-Crichton story arc.

Dog With Two Bones: Moya is taking Talyn's remains to a sacred burial ground in space, but the region is guarded by an insane Leviathan. Talyn's burial seems to a metaphor for the end of the show as we've known it so far, as each crewmember leaves in separate directions to their homes. Of course one of the big questions for us, the audience, is what will become of the John/Aeryn love story. Spoiler: There's a surprise "to be continued" development in the Crichton-Aeryn love story for this season finale.


Season 4

Crichton Kicks: Crichton's solitary existence on an ancient Leviathan is shattered when mercenaries storm the ship, intent on harvesting its flesh. Sikozu (Raelee Hill) debuts in this episode.

What Was Lost, Part 1: Sacrifice: Crichton, Chiana and Rygel meet up with old friends, but Commandant Grayza (Rebecca Riggs) spoils their reunion by luring Crichton into her clutches.
Comment: This episode was significant for me because it was the first one I didn't thoroughly enjoy. I still enjoyed elements of it, but clearly it was weak in continuity and sense. I later learned the following, which only partially explains the problem:
Explanation of teaser section: No, it's not you. Some scenes in the "Previously on Farscape" section, at the beginning of the episode, were not "previously on Farscape." There are scenes showing huge changes in the Peacekeepers' power structure. Braca tells Scorpius he no longer has a command. When Braca assures Grayza he would have no qualms killing her if a superior officer ordered it, she seems pleased and refers to him as "Captain."
Producer/writer David Kemper, in an interview with Rob Owen of the Scripps-Howard news service on 29 May 2002, said the scenes were cut to allow the story of Grayza to trickle out over the course of the first four episodes of the season rather than to reveal her character right away.

What Was Lost, Conclusion: Resurrection: Captured by Grayza and facing imprisonment, Crichton and his comrades plot their escape, but the gambit fails to go as planned.
Comment: This one returned to the usual higher level of quality, but still had its lame moments. Example: The women discussed their escape plan with a guard standing three feet away and accommodatingly not reacting or closing the cell door.

Lava's a Many Splendored Thing: After a forced landing, the crew becomes trapped in a lava-filled cave, hunted by mercenaries with a hidden agenda.

Promises: A new nemesis takes aim at the Moya crew for harboring a wanted assassin - Aeryn. A mole within Peacekeeper ranks works to ruin Braca's plot to use a deadly missile against Moya. This episode marks the first appearances this season for Aeryn, Moya and Pilot. Spoilers: Crichton is forced to play nice with the back-from-the-dead Scorpius after he proves to be the only one who can save an ailing Aeryn, who has a hard time coming clean about her pregnancy. With the Scorpius-pursues-Crichton story arc ended, this episode begins the "Can we trust Scorpius and what the #$&@ is he up to anyway?" arc.

Natural Election: Crichton's efforts to reconcile with Aeryn are put on hold when he makes a breakthrough in his wormhole research and Moya is threatened by a parasite.

John Quixote: Crichton (Ben Browder, who also wrote the script) and Chiana become unwilling participants in a brutal virtual-reality game based on Crichton's exploits.

I Shrink, Therefore I Am: When bounty hunters seize Moya and the crew, Crichton risks forging an alliance with Scorpius. Scorpius discovers the hunters' boss has a secret, and the "Can we trust Scorpius?" arc continues.

A Prefect Murder: Lost on a chaotic world beset by civil conflict, Aeryn (Claudia Black) stands accused of assassinating the leader of a warrior clan.

Coup by Clam: The Moya crew suffers odd symptoms after an alien doctor poisons them with unusual mollusks. If you're trying to get a friend to watch the series, don't start with this one, which takes the prize as the most disgusting episode.

Unrealized Reality: An interdimensional entity, concerned that Crichton's wormhole knowledge could pose a threat to the stability of the universe, whisks him away for a bit of Q&A. The being, whom Crichton nicknames Einstein, apparently is connected with the powerful alien Crichton met back in Won't Get Fooled Again. Great ending.

Kansas: The wormhole deposits Crichton on Earth in the year 1986 — where he finds history has been altered, and his father has been named commander of the ill-fated Challenger mission.

Terra Firma: Crichton and his comrades encounter Earth dignitaries eager to introduce the aliens to the public. Crichton's efforts to readjust to terra firma are complicated by a rift with Aeryn and a hidden menace aboard Moya.

Twice Shy: Chiana (Gigi Edgely) rescues a slave girl (Paula Arundell) from a trade ship, but as her Moya crewmates begin to disappear, Chiana becomes suspicious of her new friend.

Mental As Anything: D'Argo confronts Macton (Blair Venn), the Peacekeeper who killed his wife and then pinned the crime on him when he, Crichton and Rygel accompany Scorpius to an advanced training camp where students learn mental discipline.

Bringing Home the Beacon: Female members of the Moya crew observe a secret meeting that will have a drastic impact on the future of the Uncharted Territories - Grayza plans to ink a pact with the Scarrans.

A Constellation of Doubt: Crichton (Ben Browder) spends the trip back to the Uncharted Territories watching Alien Visitation. The sensationalistic program juxtaposes offbeat footage of Moya's crew shot by Crichton's nephew with obnoxious sound bites from spiritual, military and scientific talking heads. It attempts to expose Crichton's alien comrades as menaces to Earth. After screening it, Rygel (voice of Jonathan Hardy) concludes that Earth “is full of superstitious, xenophobic morons.” Crichton hates the tabloid show too, but it may be his only lead in the search for Aeryn (Claudia Black), to save her from the Scarrans. A tense episode peppered with riotous satire.

Prayer: Captive Aeryn resists the Scarrans' interrogation. John, in an uneasy alliance with Scorpius, searches for Aeryn. The search leads him into an unrealized reality (the preceding episode showed the tabloid TV show causing him to remember hearing the name of the Scarran outpost mentioned in the episode Unrealized Reality).

We're So Screwed, Part 1: Fetal Attraction: The Moya crew visits a Scarran border station (Katratzi, which they spent the previous two episodes trying to find) to uncover Aeryn's whereabouts and mounts a rescue operation.

We're So Screwed, Part 2: Hot to Katratzi: Moya's crew tries to spring Scorpius from captivity at Katratzi, where Scarrans are torturing him for information about the wormhole.

We're So Screwed, Part 3: La Bomba: Crichton is reluctant to help destroy a cache of valuable flora after Scorpius thwarts his plans to escape the Scarran base; Stark (Paul Goddard) menaces Rygel and Noranti, compelling Sikozu to decide her future aboard Moya.

Bad Timing: The Moya crew tries to keep the Scarrans from using the wormhole to invade Earth, which is rich in a flora valuable to the aliens. Although John Crichton (Ben Browder) concocts a way to collapse the wormhole, he doubts he can pull it off, an insecurity the Scarran-hating Scorpius (Wayne Pygram) tries to exploit to forge an alliance with his nemesis. And Crichton has more on his mind...namely, what the future holds for his relationship with Aeryn (Claudia Black).
This excellent episode has some long-awaited, satisfying developments. It also has a cliffhanger ending, because the show's makers were told there would be a fifth season. But in September 2002, Sci-Fi announced they had changed their minds about a fifth season. So, when this episode aired on March 21, 2003 we were left with a fantastic series that was fantastically unresolved.

Peacekeeper Wars - The Farscape miniseries

War breaks out between the Peacekeepers and the Scarrans, and of course the Moya crew is in the middle of it all. Most of the longstanding questions are dealt with, including the John/Aeryn romance and the question of whether or how to use wormhole technology.
In November 2003 good news filtered out: a four-hour miniseries was to start shooting in December in Australia, and would clean up the loose plot threads. On 4-5-04, just over a year after the last original episode aired, Sci-Fi announced they would air the already-wrapped miniseries. Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars aired on the Sci-Fi Channel on Oct. 17, 2004, and snipped off those threads left dangling for 19 months. Check out the
trailer here.

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Farscape The Jim Henson Company Rockne S. O'Bannon
The Peacekeeper Wars Brian Henson Sci-Fi Channel
Ben Browder John Crichton Vivendi Universal
Jonathan Hardy Dominar Rygel XVI Hynerians
Lani Tupu Pilot Bialar Crais
Claudia Black Aeryn Sun Peacekeepers, Sebaceans
Talyn Moya Leviathan
Virginia Hey Zhaan Delvian
Anthony Simcoe Ka D'Argo Luxans
Gigi Edgley Chiana Nebari
Wayne Pygram Scorpius Scarran
Paul Goddard Stark Banik
Tammy MacIntosh Jool Interion
Melissa_Jaffer Noranti Traskan
Raelee Hill Sikozu Kalish
Mele-on-Grayza Braca Diagnosans
Eidelons Jothee Harvey
Velorek Wormhole Ancients
Builders Ahkna Bekhesh
Bishan D.K. D'Argo Sun-Crichton
DRD 1812 DRD One-Eye Winona
Einstein Furlow Gilina Renaez (PK tech)
Jack Crichton Jenavian Charto Larraq
Lo'Laan Maldis Natira
Pennoch Rygel I, Dominar Rygel IX, Dominar
Selto Durka Staleek, Emperor Teeg, Lieutenant
Talyn Lyczac Tollona Javio Xhalax Sun

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