Lt. "Doc" Ostrow in 2001

Actor Warren Stevens wields a blaster 45 years after Forbidden Planet was released

Warren Stevens gets the drop on fan Dan Lozinski with his own blaster replica!
Inset: Stevens in Forbidden Planet, 1956

Here's an email I received 8-26-01:
Hi Bob
Mary and I were at Frightvision in Cleveland Ohio last april. There we met most of the casts of Lost in Space, Time Tunnel, Voyage to the bottom of the sea and Land of the Giants.
But above all we MET WARREN STEVENS! Yes old Doc Ostrow's Krell brain boost was not fatal. It just knocked him out like Morbeus.
And if they had not left him behind when the reactors blew, he could be in the sequel. Heres a picture of Mr. Stevens with me and the blaster that he first put to his head and fired when I handed it to him.
Then he autographed it!
Heres the picture.
Dan & Mary Lozinski


Also see my page with close-up shots of the blaster.

Thanks very much, Dan and Mary, for the report and especially the pictures!

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