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My explanation of the "mistake" in mapping Myst's Stoneship Age

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My quandary about mapping Myst's Stoneship age:

If you've explored the original Myst's Stoneship Age, you know that each half of the ship has a door leading to a passage, right into the rock of the island. You also know that each passage leads to a bedroom, and that before reaching the bedrooms there is an interconnecting path that leads to a room with a compass rose and an underwater view.

Here's the part that puzzled me:
When outdoors in this age, the door leading to the passage for Sirrus' room is on the left, and the door leading to the passage for Achenar's room is on the right. Therefore you would expect that when going to Achenar's room you would find the door to the interconnecting path on your left, and when going to Sirrus' room you would find the door to the interconnecting path on your right. I mean, it makes sense, right? The path connects the two passages that lead to the bedrooms.

However, the reverse is true for the placement of those doors. I figured there had been a mistake, either in my interpretation of what I saw in the game, or in the design of the game itself. But I thought of something I could check: I loaded up realMyst, the 3D realtime recreation of Myst, released six years after the original game (so there had been plenty of time to notice inconsistencies). Sure enough, the exact same layout is repeated, leaving me no closer to an answer.

"Why do you care?" I asked myself. "Why are you wasting time on this?" Pushing aside such reasonable questions, I forged ahead, burning up a perfectly good evening writing this essay and sketching the following possible explanations.

I formed two theories to explain things. In Theory 1 I reckoned that one of the passages had to cross over the other. In truth they seem to descend at the same angle into the rock, but there is enough vagueness about that angle of descent that you could argue that one passage is lower, and therefore able to pass under the other. In Theory 2 I reckoned that both passages curve sharply enough that, toward the end, they loop back on themselves. In such a case an exit to the "left" would actually be an exit to the "right" (in relation to the direction you faced when originally entering the passage). Either theory would explain the placement of the doors leading from the passages to the interconnecting path.

Theory 1 - In this drawing I speculate that one passage crosses over the other.

Theory 2 - In this drawing I speculate that both passages curve sharply enough to allow for the positions of the doors to the interconnecting path.

Screen capture of door location in Myst Masterpiece - This view is seen on the way down to Sirrus' room. Note the door to the interconnecting path is on the left. A mirror image of this view is seen in the passage leading down to Achenar's room.

Screen capture of door location in realMyst - This recreation of the original Myst game repeated the same door arrangment when going to Sirrus' room - and this game is rendered in real time in true 3D.

Cyan's drawing of the Stoneship Age

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