The Elsie, Cookie & Molly and Shelby Page

Elsie was my cat. She was born March 21, 2000. For years this page said "Elsie is my cat," but in 2015 she had a rapid decline. She died at 15, which would be impressive for a dog but is sad for a cat because many of them live to be 18, 20 or even more. She was the last living creature in my house, apart from myself, that tied back to Sue. Elsie and Sue were quite close, especially after Sue's beloved cat Max died at 18.

After a respectful wait, in 2016 I got Shelby, my current cat. She was about two at the time. She is different from Elsie and is fairly bitey, but I make allowances because ... cat. Still she is fond of me and always greets me at the door, and as I type this is curled up asleep on my desk. This paragraph is the most recent part of this page, and maybe is quite old by the time you discover it. Everything below this goes back many years.

Elsie, May 2000. She's in my lap, attacking the camera strap.

Elsie in early 2010, around ten years old:

Elsie in June 2010, ten years old:

Cookie & Mollie came home with Sue and I in the summer of 2005. We had both wanted dogs for years, and now we had a yard and someone to help take care of them. We got two so they'd never be alone. We named them on the drive home: Cookie and Molly. At first they were hard to tell apart, but we got to know the subtle differences in their faces. For everyone else: Cookie is blue collar & Molly is red collar. It's 2010 as I belatedly add them to the page of their older feline sister Elsie, so they are 5 and Elsie is 10.

Sue and Cookie in 2005:

Cookie and Molly in May 2010, five years old: