Sounds from Forbidden Planet

Here are some sounds I captured from this classic 1956 sci-fi film.

fp-DCfix.wav - Cmdr Adams: When do we get a DC fix, Jerry?
Jerry: Half a minute, Skipper

fp-simple_blaster.wav - Morphius: You understand the mechanism?
Robby: Yes, Morphius. A simple blaster.

fp-alcohol.wav - Robby: Yes, relatively simple alcohol molecules with traces of fusil oil. Would 60 gallons be sufficient?

fp-smooth.wav - Cook: Genuine Kansas City bourbon! It's smooth, too!

fp-beamed.wav - Altaira: Where have you been? I've beamed and beamed.

fp-Me_too_sir.wav - Cmdr Adams: No, 'Me too, sir' will stand 20 extra watches. I'll have less dreaming aboard this ship!

fp-still_coming.wav - Randall: It's still coming!

fp-invisible.wav - Doc Ostrow: Skipper, the blasted thing's invisible!

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