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What can I say? Years before Starfleet officers donned uniforms in Star Trek, it was done in Forbidden Planet. Long before Han Solo held a blaster, the guys in Forbidden Planet did it. Long before Star Trek's android Data and shortly before Lost in Space's Robby, a mechancial being played a major role in Forbidden Planet. Long before big special effects films ruled movie theaters, Forbidden Planet was packed with great effects, including astounding matte paintings. Long before electronically-created music became common, Forbidden Planet featured an all-synthesizer soundtrack that gave a futuristic and creepy feeling. Long before Leslie Nielson said, "Don't call me Shirley," he wore a spacesuit and wielded a ray gun. Forbidden Planet, classic sci-fi.

Anne Francis autographed photo

Sound wavs I captured from Forbidden Planet Actor Warren Stevens (Lt. "Doc" Ostrow) in 2001

Pictorial Guide to Forbidden Planet
Pictures from Forbidden Planet
Close-ups of the blaster from Forbidden Planet
Close-ups of the blaster from Forbidden Planet
Forbidden Planet Links:
Pix from FP 50th anniversary gala on Nov. 8, 2006, at the Egyptian Theatre Anne Francis talks about the FP anniversary gala
More gala pix
Buy the 2-disc FP 50th anniversary DVD
Great collection of 1956 FP promo photos Watch clips from the movie in this article at Cast/crew, general info about F.P. at
Watch the movie trailer Forbidden Planet sounds at Porkepyn's Sci-Fi Forbidden Planet desktop theme - free at
Excellent FP write-up at FP soundtrack composers' story at Official Warren Stevens site
FP page at David G. Gaxiola's Forbidden Planet Organization Buy FP posters at
Richard A. Coyle's great collection of pictures of FP props and tips on how to build your own replicas Forbidden Planet sounds at
Fred Barton's page includes free Robby blueprints and a chance to buy or rent a life-size, working Robby
Anne Francis' official site has info & photos about all her work. Philip MacDonald wrote the novel of the screenplay
James Best's official site. He played an unnamed crewman, and later was Sheriff Rosco on TV's Dukes of Hazzard
F.P. video clips at

Wikipedia articles about Forbidden Planet & related topics:
Forbidden Planet - movie basics & analysis The Krell - The never-seen, long-dead aliens Altair IV - the name of the forbidden planet & Morbius' daughter
Bellerophon - The mythic & historic basis of the name of Morbius' ship The id - Explanation of what the id is. Anne Francis played Altaira Morbius
The Tempest - Discussion of Shakespeare's play that clearly was the model for the movie Walter Pidgeon played Dr. Edward Morbius
Robby - the robot Marvin Miller voiced Robby the Robot
  Philip MacDonald wrote the novelization of the movie
The Crew of Cruiser C57-D - Most had only last names & several had no name at all. Note that the only two men to kiss Altaira are the ones with first names. This girl likes a man with a first name.
Leslie Nielsen played Commander John J. Adams. Clearly the alpha male, he not only had a first name but a middle initial as well. Altaira swooned for that initial. Earl Holliman played the nameless cook, who wore his apron at all times, though we never see the kitchen.
Richard Grant played Crewman Silvers Jimmy Thompson played Crewman Youngerford Harry Harvey Jr played Crewman Randall
Roger McGee played Crewman Lindstrom Peter Miller played Crewman Moran Morgan Jones played Crewman Nichols
George Wallace played Bosun, known only by his title, which means he directs personnel in ship's maintenance duties. William Boyett played an unnamed crew member. Later he was Sgt. Macdonald on TV's Adam 12
James Best played an unnamed crew member. Later he was Sheriff Rosco on TV's Dukes of Hazard
Unfortunate Crew Members - These precursors of Star Trek's red-shirted targets are, alas, not with us at the end of the flick.
Jack Kelly played Lt. Jerry Farman, killed by the Id Monster despite having a first name. There's no justice. Bob Dix played Crewman Grey, killed by the Id Monster James Drury played Crewman Strong, killed by the Id Monster
Richard Anderson played Chief Quinn, doomed to be torn to bits in the ship's communications center by the Id Monster. Apparently "Chief" is the title for the communications guy. In the 70s Anderson was Oscar Goldman in The Six Million Dollar Man. Warren Stevens played Lt. 'Doc' Ostrow, though his character doesn't seem to be a doctor. He gets a fatal brain boost from a Krell machine.

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