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Numbers in parantheses indicate the seasons in which the actor played the character.

Bertie's chums who appear the most frequently in the series

Richard Garnett
Gussie, series 1 & 2
Richard Braine
Gussie, series 3 & 4
Michael Siberry
Bingo, series 1 & 2
Pip Torrens
Bingo, series 3 & 4
  • Hildebrande "Tuppy" Glossop — With a preening smile, he mingles with the rich, though he isn't particularly wealthy. The storylines often involve his schemes to make money. Smitten by a long series of women, including Bertie's cousin Angela Travers. Cousin of Honoria & Oswald Glossop, nephew of Sir & Lady Glossop - Robert Daws (1,2,3,4)
Robert Daws
Robert Daws as Tuppy Glossop

Ditteridge Hall, home of the Glossops

Ditteridge Hall
Ditteridge Hall, home of the Glossops
Bertie at Ditteridge Hall
Bertie at Ditteridge Hall
From the official Englefield site
From the official Englefield site
Ditteridge Hall was filmed at
Englefield House, Berkshire. The official Englefield House web site is I don't know if that's Stephen Fry in the above, right photo.
  • Honoria Glossop Daughter of Sir & Lady Glossop, sister of Oswald Glossop, cousin of Tuppy Glossop. This domineering beauty is engaged to Bertie in the very first episode — Elizabeth Kettle (1,2,4)
Elizabeth Kettle
Elizabeth Kettle as Honoria Glossop
Roger Brierly
Roger Brierly as Sir Roderick Glossop
Philip Locke
Philip Locke as Sir Roderick Glossop
Jane Downs
Jane Downs as Lady Delia Glossop
Alistair Haley
Alistair Haley as Oswald Glossop

Brinkley Court - home of Bertie's relatives, the Travers

Brinkley Court series 1 exterior 1
Brinkley Court series 1 exterior 1
Brinkley Court series 1 exterior 2
Brinkley Court series 1 exterior 2

Brinkley Court series 4

Brinkley Court series 4

Brinkley Court series 4

Exterior shots of Brinkley Court were filmed in Barnsley Park, Gloucestershire in series 1 and Hall Barn, Buckinghamshire in series 4.

Brenda Bruce
Dahlia 1
Vivian Pickles
Dahlia 2
Patricia Lawrence
Dahlia 3
Jean Heywood
Dahlia 4
  • Tom Travers - Bertie's uncle by marriage to Aunt Dahlia. Collects silver in rivalry with Sir Watkyn Bassett. Wealthy but reluctant to pay much for silver or fund Dahlia's unprofitable publication. — Ralph Michael (1,4)
Ralph Michael as Tom Travers
Tom Travers
  • Angela Travers - Bertie's cousin, daughter of Aunt Dahlia & Tom Travers. Engaged to Bertie's chum Tuppy Glossop — Amanda Elwes (1)
Amanda Elwes as Angela Travers
Angela Travers
John Barrard as Anatole

All interior shots of Brinkley Court were filmed at Wrotham Park, a historical house at Hertsmere, Hertfordshire. The official Wrotham Park web site is

At left, the Brinkley Court dining room. At right, dining room photo from the official Wrotham Park web site.

At left & right, the Brinkley Court stairway. At center, staircase hall photo from the official Wrotham Park web site.

Bertie relatives other than those at Brinkley Court

Mary Wimbush
Mary Wimbush as Aunt Agatha
Elizabeth Spriggs
Elizabeth Spriggs as Aunt Agatha
Hugo E. Blick & Ian Jeffs
Claude & Eustace Wooster, series 1
Jeremy and Joss Brook
Claude & Eustace Wooster, series 4
Nicholas Selby
Nicholas Selby as Uncle George Wooster
  • Maud Wilberforce — Uncle George's long lost love, a former barmaid. After the events of 1.3 The Purity of the Turf, I suppose she is Countess Yaxley and Bertie's newest aunt - Paula Jacobs (1)
Paula Jacobs
Paula Jacobs as Maud

Totleigh Towers - home of the Bassetts

Totleigh Towers, in reality Highclere Castle
Bertie & Madeline at Totleigh Towers

Interior photo from official Highclere Castle web site
Spode on staircase at Totleigh Towers
Spode on the staircase at Totleigh Towers

Totleigh Towers interior

Totleigh Towers front hall
Dining at Totleigh and Highclere
Left, dining at Totleigh Towers. Right, from the official Highclere Castle web site
Front door at Totleigh Towers
Totleigh Towers front door
Exteriors and interiors for Totleigh Towers were filmed at Highclere Castle. The official Highclere Castle web site is
  • Sir Watkyn Bassett — Ill-tempered magistrate, father of Madeline, guardian of Stiffy. Collects silver in rivalry with Tom Travers, dislikes Bertie - John Woodnutt (1,2,3,4)
John Woodnutt as Sir Watkyn Bassett
Sir Watkyn Bassett
Francesca Folan as Madeline Bassett
Madeline Bassett, series 1
Diana Blackburn as Madeline Bassett
Madeline Bassett, series 2
Elizabeth Morton as Madeline Bassett
Madeline Bassett, series 3 & 4

Charlotte Attenborough as Stiffy Byng

Amanda Harris as Stiffy Byng

Simon Treves as Stinker Pinker
  • Roderick Spode — Close friend of Sir Bassett and seemingly a permanent fixture at Totleigh Towers. Prone to threatening Bertie and his friends. Enjoys public speaking and adulation, with obvious comparisons to certain German and Russian dictators - John Turner (2,3,4)

John Turner as Spode

Chuffnell Hall - home of the Chuffnells

Chuffnell Hall
Chuffnell Hall (Wrotham Park)
Chuffy, Myrtle & Bertie Chuffy, Myrtle & Bertie From the Wrotham Park web site
From the official Wrotham Park site
Chuffnell front room 1 Chuffnell front room 1 Chuffnell front room 2
Chuffnell front room 2
Wrotham Park front room
Front room pic from Wrotham Park site

Interior and exterior shots of Chuffnell Hall, in series 2, were filmed at Wrotham Park, a historical house at Hertsmere, Hertfordshire. The official Wrotham Park web site is
  • Chuffy Chuffnell - Marmaduke, 5th Baron "Chuffy" Chuffnell, a college chum of Bertie. Nephew of Myrtle Chuffnell. Falls for American heiress Pauline Stoker, yet another ex-fiancee of Bertie's — Matthew Solon (2)
Chuffy Chuffnell
Myrtle Chuffnell
  • Seabury Chuffnell — Brat son of Myrtle Chuffnell. Having watched gangster movies, demands "protection" money from Bertie and others - Edward Holmes (2)
Seabury Chuffnell

Deverill Hall - home of the Winkworths

Deverill Hall Deverill Hall Joyce Grove photo from
The exterior (and interior?) of Deverill Hall (season 3, episode 4) was filmed at Joyce Grove, a mansion in Nettlebed, Oxfordshire. Now the Sue Ryder palliative care centre, Joyce Grove once belonged to the family of Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond novels. The centre's official site is
  • Dame Daphne WinkworthRosalind Knight (3)
    Dame Winkworth, a friend of Bertie's Aunt Agatha, lives at Deverill Hall with her sisters, Emmeline, Charlotte, Myrtle and Harriet, as well as her pretty daughter Gertrude.
Rosalind Knight as Dame Daphne Winkworth
  • Gertrude Winkworth — In ep 3.4 Right Ho Jeeves, poor Gertrude is torn between Catsmeat and Gussie, who is pretending to be Bertie - Chloe Annett (3)
Chloe Annett as Gertrude Winkworth

Skeldings Hall - home of the Wickhams

Skeldings Hall Skeldings Hall
  • Bobbie Wickham — Woman with whom Bertie becomes infatuated on more than one occasion. Has a taste for practical jokes. Daughter of Sir & Lady Wickham - Nina Botting (1); Niamh Cusack (2)
Nina Botting
Nina Botting as Bobbie Wickham
Niamh Cusack
Niamh Cusack as Bobbie Wickham
Rosemary Martin
Rosemary Martin as Lady Wickham
Brian Haines
Brian Haines as Sir Cuthbert Wickham

The Stokers

Sharon Holm as Pauline Stoker Kymberley Huffman as Pauline Stoker
Manning Redwood as J. Washburn Stoker Don Fellows as J. Washburn Stoker
James Holland as Dwight Stoker
  • Emerald Stoker — Daughter of J. Washburn Stoker, sister of Pauline & Dwight, though she never appears in a scene with any of them. Works as the cook for the Bassetts in Trouble at Totleigh Towers. Enamoured of newt fancier Gussie Fink-Nottle - Emma Hewitt (4)

Twing Hall - home of the Wickhammersleys

Twing Hall Twing Hall

Twing Hall (episode 1.3, The Purity of the Turf) was filmed at Stanway House, Gloucestershire. The official Stanway House web site is at
Jack Watling
Jack Watling as Sir Wickhammersley
Richenda Carey
Richenda Carey as Lady Wickhammersley
  • Lady Cynthia Wickhammersley, daughter of Lord Wickhammersley - Helena Michell
Helena Michell
Helena Michell as Cynthia Wickhammersley

"New York City"

Bertie's New York apartment building 1 Bertie's New York apartment building 2 Bertie's New York apartment building 3 Bob Fahey in April 2018 at Senate House in London, the building that used to represent Bertie Wooster's New York apartment building

Exterior shots of Stuyvesant Tower, Bertie's apartment building in New York City in series 3 and 4, were filmed at Senate House, the central library and administration building for the University of London. Most of the photos are from the show; the first shot with bright blue skies is from Wikipedia. Senate House is right next to the British Museum, so it was easy for me to snap a photo of myself there on a visit in April 2018. It looks kind of sad with its heavy fence and tent out front, like it's under seige.

Marsham Manor - Home of the Fothergills

Jeeves & Wooster arrive at Marsham Manor Jeeves & Wooster arrive at Marsham Manor
Marsham Manor was represented by Dorney Court

In 3.6 Comrade Bingo, Bertie's Aunt Dahlia Travers prevails upon him to steal a painting at Marsham Manor, which was represented by Dorney Court. The above wide view is from the Dorney Court official site at

Other characters

Constance Novis
Constance Novis as Cora Bellinger
  • Biffy Biffen — Bertie's friend who literally loses the girl of his dreams by forgetting her surname and address in Pearls Mean Tears - Philip Shelley (2)
Philip Shelley as Biffy Biffen
Justine Glenton as Daphne Braithwaite
  • Brinkley — Temporarily becomes Bertie's valet in 2.4 "Jeeves in the Country." Reappears in 4.6 "The Ties that Bind" - Fred Evans (2,4)
Fred Evans as Brinkley the valet
Nicholas Palliser as Stilton Cheesewright
Adam Blackwood
Adam Blackwood as Barmy
Martin Clunes
Martin Clunes as Barmy
Richard Dixon as Oofy Prosser
  • Alexander Slingsby — Owner of Slingsby's Superb Soups - Harry Ditson (4)
Harry Ditson as Alexander Slingsby
John Fitzgerald Jay as Rocky Todd

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