Hall of Shame

Why is that for every episode that I loved, there was one that made my skin crawl? Go figure, what is it with this love hate relationship? Of course, I guess we all have friends like that too and you certainly don't toss them away for a few annoying habits. Anyways, here's my Bottom Ten Least Favorite Episodes of all time. Feel free to mail in your votes for that as well. I'd love to compile a comprehensive list.

Note: This is not indicative of my feelings overall about the show, but truly just me venting my feelings about a few things that bugged me. Also, this page and its justifications are under heavy construction.

Lisa's Least

10. "tenure"--It's not really so bad, but I'm dwelling on tenure a lot as a kid trying to finish her Ph.D. and there were some basic inconsistencies in the details that bug me. They don't get in the way of the plot, but it's just like a saddle burr to me.

9. (don't worry, I'll think of one soon)

8. "prelude to a bris"

7. "guns and roses"

6. "arizona"

5. "love and sex"--From a whiny babysitter to a woman trying to recapture an idealized youth, this one cried all the way to the bank. (OK, so it had Brad Pitt in it--small compensation.)

4. "weaning"--Just shoot me before I ever behave this way.

3. "attack of the killer parents"--Shirley Knight got an Emmy for her role and she did indeed do a marvelous job of driving Hope (as well as me) up the wall.

2. "thirtysomething" (premiere)--It's a miracle this show ever got on the air considering everything that went wrong in this one.

1. "hopeless"--Just can't stand it. Makes me wretch. I can barely even think straight long enough to voice just how much this one turned me.