IRC Basics

Why do I want IRC?

IRC chat will allow you to converse with friends and relatives, no matter how far away, quickly and easily. With IRC, you can make new friends around the world, or get up to the minute reports on world events from individuals on the scene. The topics of discussion are extremely varied, as are the manner in which they are discussed. Best of all, the software is simple to install and use, and you can be up and running in just a few minutes with some simple instructions.

What do I need to use IRC?

To begin an IRC chat, you must start your IRC client software and use it to connect to an IRC server. There are many free IRC client programs available on the Internet for downloading. As of this writing (March 1998), two of the most popular clients are "mIRC" and "pIRCh" (I have no idea what the extra letters stand for). Use a search engine and enter the keywords "mIRC, "pIRCh," "IRC" or "chat" to search for IRC client software, OR try one of these handy links for a download (I don't update this page often, so these links might not work anymore):

How do I use IRC?

This site will explain the basics of using IRC software, but much more in-depth and advanced information is available. You can find links to many sources of IRC information at Klink Net Communications' site. Additionally, an IRC FAQ is included with most popular IRC software to help answer your questions.

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