Posting a Newsgroup Article

Posting an article to a newsgroup is much like tacking an index card to a bulletin board seen by many people. Getting set up to post to a particular newsgroup is as simple as viewing a group. If you can see the list of articles for a group, you are ready to post articles of your own. Each newsgroup is devoted to a different topic. The name of the newsgroup indicates the topic. For example, the group rec.gardens.roses contains postings about gardens, specifically roses. Pick a topic interesting to you and post an article.

To post a newsgroup article in Netscape

  1. On the Window menu, click Netscape News. The news window appears.
  2. In the news server pane, click the plus sign (+) next to a folder, or double-click the folder. The folder opens to display newsgroups.
  3. Click a newsgroup name. A list of posted articles for the newsgroup appears in the article header pane. Click the To News button. The article Composition window appears.
  4. (optional) Type a brief description of the topic of the article in the Subject text box.
  5. Type your article in the article body pane (the area at the bottom of the window). The Newsgroups text box (the name of the group to which you are posting) is already filled in for you.
  6. Click the Send button or click Send Now on the File menu.

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