Reading Newsgroup Articles

Articles (also called postings) are like index cards, and they're posted on newsgroups, which are the electronic equivalent of bulletin boards. Each bulletin board is devoted to a different topic.

First you select a bulletin board (a newsgroup) and then you select a article to read.

The name of the newsgroup indicates what kind of articles you'll find. For example, the group rec.gardens.roses contains postings about gardens, specifically roses. The first time you use newsgroups, only a few newsgroups are listed. These are usually newsgroups for beginners, such as "news.announce.newusers". These are great sources for additional information about using newsgroups.

All the above applies to all newsreaders, but the following instructions are unique to Netscape News. For additional information about using Netscape News, try the Netscape Handbook.

To read a newsgroup article in Netscape News

  1. On the Window menu, click Netscape News. The news window appears.
  2. In the news server pane, click the plus sign (+) next to a folder, or double-click the folder. The folder opens to display newsgroups.
  3. Click a newsgroup name. A list of posted articles for the newsgroup appears in the article header pane. Each line has an entry for each of the three columns: Sender, Subject and Date.
  4. Click an item in the article header pane. The text of the article appears in the bottom pane.

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