Telnet from the DOS Prompt or Run Dialog Box

If you're using Windows 95, or have acquired Telnet client software, you can telnet from a DOS prompt or from the Run dialog box. You just type "telnet," followed by a space and the Telnet address. Do not include the colon and slash marks "://" between "telnet" and the address. For example, to telnet to Hubble Space Telescope information, type telnet and type stinfo at the log-in prompt.

  1. On the Start menu, click Run and the Run dialog box appears, or Click Start, point to Programs, then click MS-DOS Prompt and the MS-DOS Window appears.

  2. Type telnet followed by a space and the Telnet address, such as telnet and press ENTER.

  3. The Telnet client starts and displays the initial text sent by the server computer, usually a log-in screen.

Telnet main menu