Sound Files

Here are sounds I captured from thirtysomething. The selections are some moments I like from the show. I am already thinking of many others I like that I will eventually capture. Your suggestions will also be entertained. Email me at The number at the beginning of each sound name indicates the episode (1-85).

02-academic.wav 02-beowulf_babe.wav 03-acquaintances.wav
03-fire_her.wav 03-koolaid_soul.wav 05-twelve_dollars.wav
ts05-bookpurchase.wav ts06-home.wav 06-Sylvia_Plath.wav
06-food1.wav 06-food2.wav 08-my_baby_my_job.wav
ts09-polishing.wav ts09-theface.wav ts09-tree.wav
  10-every_good_boy.wav 10-i_know_who_you_are.wav
10-profoundly_male.wav 10-the_hill.wav 10-women_gary_dated.wav
ts24-cousin.wav ts24-dad.wav ts24-hannuclaus.wav
ts24-headstone.wav ts24-negotiation.wav ts24-shootingsanta.wav
ts24-notdying.wav ts24-negotiation.wav ts24-shootingsanta.wav
29-phone message 30-It's blue 34-i can do that
34-nashiru 43-miles mirror 45-hasten and chasten
45-mikey get down 48-complete confidence 48-last meal
ts48-buttons.wav ts48-people.wav 55-Sixty-nine
67-halloween.wav 67-michaelsoul.wav 67-responsibility.wav
ts67-expendable.wav ts67-toothpaste.wav ts72-1991b.wav
ts72-chubby.wav ts72-friend_friend.wav ts72-calling.wav
  start_of_theme_song "and dance by the light of the moon"
  thirtysomething theme midi 1 thirtysomething theme midi 2

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