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These screencaps are all from 4-05 [67] "the haunting of d.a.a."   Details
The Haunting of DAA rack focus 1

The Haunting of DAA opens with this rack focus shot. First the focus is on figures in a model of DAA. Note that one figure wears Eliot's familiar yellow shirt with dark pockets.
The Haunting of DAA rack focus 2

The shot continues, but the focus starts to shift to the background, and we are able to see an exterior window.
The Haunting of DAA rack focus 3

Finally, the focus shifts completely to the background, were we see Miles peering like a god into his domain.
The Haunting of DAA 4

Miles tinkers with a model of DAA, a metaphor for his decision to fire people, and to delegate the dirty work to Michael.

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