Weston on Sunday, Dec. 16, 2001

I've been to Weston many times, and I really like it. It's a short drive from my home in Parkville. This time I shot some photos and jotted down a name or two. Being a good Irish Catholic lad, I included the church and the pub among the places I visited.

These first 13 pictures are Holy Trinity Catholic Church, founded 1842. That's Father Thomas Hawkins, parish priest, out front. A very nice man.
Two pictures of Father Christmas, portrayed in Weston for about 15 years now by Tom Hooper of nearby Leavenworth, Kansas.
These last 13 pictures show O'Malley's 1842 pub (note it's the same year as the church). Mr O'Malley served my Guinness and Bob Reeder provided Irish music. Side-by-side pictures show the entrance tunnel in its natural state and lit by the camera flash.

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