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The following excellent analysis of how best to use the skills and aug systems in Deus Ex was written by one Andy Giesler and lived on a site called Long ago, I saved a copy of the page for my own reference. That site has long since ceased to exist, so hopefully Andy won't fault me for reviving the page here. Anyway, credit where credit is due: Giesler wrote everything below this paragraph.

Welcome Welcome to the Deus Ex Weenie Tactics Site. Bring us your lost, your clueless, your humiliated, your huddled masses of coordination-impaired weenies longing to survive.
What You'll Find Here You'll find analysis of game mechanics. Along with a few recommendations from the Great and Powerful Exalted Weenie, an Old Man of the gaming world whose opinion is supreme and infallible once visitors have been kind enough to correct the countless bone-headed errors wrought by his growing decrepitude.
Disclaimer All of the hard numbers of the site I derived the hard way -- alone with a stopwatch and my own two weak little eyes. I hereby claim full credit for any and all errors. In the event that correct figures have somehow slipped into my tables, all credit goes to Eidos. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy.
Legal Stuff DEUS EX and ION STORM are trademarks of ION STORM L.P. All rights reserved. EIDOS INTERACTIVE and the EIDOS LOGO are registered trademarks of EIDOS INTERACTIVE. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners. Like Coke, for example. And Taco Bell. You know, trademarks like that.

Topic: Skills
Skills Below are numbers and commentary on all Deus Ex skills. More information will follow.
Computer If you don't upgrade this skill at least once you're... we'll, I don't even know what you are. It ain't good though. I'll let you know when I think of it.

You need skill level 2 before you can hack ATMs, computers, and security panels. Skill level 3 lets you hack turrets.

Computer Skill

Level: 1 2 3 4
Experience: 0 1125 2250 3750
Cumulative Exp: 0 1125 3375 7125
Seconds to Hack: n/a 10 5 2.5
Seconds until EMP: n/a 25 35 60
The game's certainly completable without this skill, but it'll take you a lot longer to find the codes associated with a given workstation or panel. And there are seriously fragalicious goodies that you just plain can't get at without it.

Upgrades beyond level 2 are of dubious value considering the other use you could put those points to. Unless you're a legendary spaz, 15 seconds is more then enough time to get in and out before alarms go off and you get that sickly-sweet whiff of sizzling hair.

And hacking turrets? Yeah. I guess that's cool or something. But those 2250 points will go a long way elsewhere.

Electronics This one lets you use multitools more effectively to bypass a number of security systems, such as keyed door panels. Not much more to it that that.

Electronics Skill

Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 1800 3600 6000
Cumulative Points: 0 1800 5400 11400
Per Multitool:
10% 25% 40% 75%
The difference between 10 and 25 is pretty significant, so it's worth bumping this one to level 2 at least. The value of going beyond that isn't obvious since multitools are pretty plentiful.

And so are people dumb enough to leave key codes lying around in datacubes.

Environmental Prolongs the duration of rebreathers, hazmat suits, ballistic armor, and adaptive camo armor. Also increases the protection provided by hazmat suits and ballistic armor.

Environmental Training Skill

Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 675 1350 2250
Cumulative Points: 0 675 2025 4275
Item Duration: 100% 133% 200% 400%
Specifics on how long things last:

Item Duration (Seconds)

Skill Level: 1 2 3 4
Hazmat Suit: 50 67 100 200
Rebreather: 50 67 100 200
Ballistic Armor: 25 33 50 100
Adaptive Armor: 13 17 25 50
Increased protection provided by hazmat suits:

Damage Absorbed

Skill Level: 1 2 3 4
Hazmat Suit: 25% 43% 62% 81%
And finally, added protection provided by ballistic armor:

Damage Absorbed

Skill Level: 1 2 3 4
Ballistic Armor: 50% 62% 75% 87%
Some people feel this is a dumb skill, but it's cheap, cheap, cheap. (It costs the same as the swimming skill.)

You'll hardly notice the points to bump it up a level or two. And adaptive camo that lasts twice as long, or a hazmat suit that absorbs more than twice the damage, is pretty swell.

Thanks to Leonardo Sabino for pointing out that I'd omitted information on Hazmat and Ballistic effectiveness.

Lockpicks Lets you pick open locks faster. Nuff said.


Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 1800 3600 6000
Cumulative Points: 0 1800 5400 11400
Per Lockpick:
10% 25% 40% 75%
Again, the difference between 10% and 25% is pretty substantial. Worth an upgrade or two along the way.
Medical Makes medkits more effective at healing your body. Note that your entire body has 600 health points. 

Also, as of level 2 it starts reducing the duration of toxic effects. Like tranq darts, and the gobbers that those annoying little greasels like to hack up on you.


Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 900 1800 3000
Cumulative Points: 0 900 2700 5700
Points / Medkit 30 60 75 90
This skill is more important if you're playing on Realistic level (where damage is more painful) or Quake-style, where you take damage first and ask questions later.

Otherwise, early in the game this is, I don't know... nice. Possibly worth one upgrade. Reduced duration of toxic effects is pretty handy. 

But its charm diminishes dramatically later once you pick up the Healing aug. And you will pick up the healing aug. Or I'll give agent Hermann your home address.

Swimming Increases your water speed and the length of time you can stay underwater.


Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 675 1350 2250
Cumulative Points: 0 675 2025 4275
Seconds Underwater: 20 30 40 50
Approx MPH: 4 6 7 9
Apparent Speed Multiplier: 100% 150% 190% 240%
People roll their eyes at this baby until they play through the game once. Swimming well can make many troubling life situations much less troubling.

You'll probably find it worth at least one upgrade.

Bear in mind that the underwater time multiplier is cumulative with the multiplier from an AquaLung aug. So Swimming level 2 in combination with a level 1 or 2 Aqualung can really prolong your soggy time.

So can environmental training. Upgrade that cheap skill once or twice, then find (or hoard) a rebreather. You'll go far.

Underwater Time (Seconds)

Swimming Level: 1 2 3 4 AquaLung Multiplier
Swimming Multiplier: 100% 150% 200% 250%  
No Aug: 20 30 40 50 100%
Aqualung 1: 30 45 60 75 150%
Aqualung 2: 60 90 120 150 300%
Aqualung 3: 120 180 240 300 600%
Aqualung 4: 240 360 480 600 1200%
BTW, notice how much steeper the increases are with AquaLung.

Demolition Affects the damage you do with LAMs and grenades, as well as the time you have to disarm them.


Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 900 1800 3000
Cumulative Points: 0 900 2700 5700

Weapons: Heavy Increases your accuracy and damage when using heavy weapons (LAW, GEP Gun, and Plasma Gun). It also lets you move faster when you're wielding a heavy weapon.

Weapons: Heavy

Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 1350 2700 4500
Cumulative Points: 0 1350 4050 8550
Damage: 100% 110% 125% 150%
Accuracy: 100% 105% 112% 125%

Note that your movement speed doesn't increase gradually. You're life-threateningly slow at levels 1 and 2, and then you move normally at levels 3 and 4. So if you're going to bother upgrading this one (I generally don't), you might as well take it at least to level 3.

Weapons: Low-Tech  Improves your accuracy, damage, and "rate of fire" with low-tech weapons such as the baton, prod, knives, swords, and throwing knives.

Weapons: Low-Tech

Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 1350 2700 4500
Cumulative Points: 0 1350 4050 8550
Damage: 100% 110% 125% 150%
Accuracy: 100% 105% 112% 125%

This one's a personal favorite of the Exalted Weenie, who prefers to play as a sneaky pacifist minimal-force wuss.

Weapons: Pistol Increases damage, accuracy, and reload time with the pistol, stealth pistol, and mini-crossbow.

Weapons: Pistol

Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 1575 3150 5250
Cumulative Points: 0 1575 4725 9975
Damage: 100% 110% 125% 150%
Accuracy: 100% 105% 112% 125%
You won't be sorry if you Master this one.
Weapons: Rifle Increases damage, accuracy, and reload time with the sniper rifle, assault rifle, and shotguns.

Weapons: Rifle

Level: 1 2 3 4
Skill Points: 0 1575 3150 5250
Cumulative Points: 0 1575 4725 9975
Damage: 100% 110% 125% 150%
Accuracy: 100% 105% 112% 125%
You won't be sorry if you Master this one.

Topic: Augmentations
Augmentations Here's a table with some basic information. For more information on adding augmentations for experimental purposes, see the Cheats section. And in case you're wondering,
  • No, you can't remove an Aug once it's added.
  • No, you can't add Augs on top of other Augs if the slot is already full.


Name Location Drain Cheat (augadd)
Aggressive Defense Cranial 10 augDefense
Spy Drone Cranial 150 augDrone

Targeting Eyes 40 augTarget
Visual Enhancement Eyes 40 augVision

Aqualung Torso 10 augAquaLung
Environmental Resistance Torso 20 augEnviro
Regeneration Torso 120 augHealing
Synthetic Heart Torso 100 augHeartLung
Power Recirculator Torso 10 augPower
Energy Shield Torso 40 augShield

Combat Strength Arms 20 augCombat
Microfibral Muscle Arms 20 augMuscle

Speed Enhancement Legs 40 augSpeed
RunSilent Legs 40 augStealth

Ballistic Protection Subdermal 60 augBallistic
Cloak Subdermal 300 augCloak
EMP Shield Subdermal 10 augEMP
Radar Transparency Subdermal 300 augRaderTrans

Topic: How Fast is Fast?
How Fast Is Fast? Speed can be an important factor in DX, particularly when you're deciding where to spend your hard-earned Aug Upgrades and Skill Points. Except for you wankers who use cheats to summon them, and you don't need my help.
Raw Numbers These speeds should be fairly accurate relative to one another, but the absolute MPH values have a lot of jiggle room. All numbers have been rounded.

Land Speed in MPH

Speed Aug: None 1 2 3 4
Walk: 4 5 6 7 7
Crawl: 4 5 6 7 7
Run: 14 16 19 22 23
Approx Increase: 100% 120% 140% 160% 170%
As a point of comparison, to run a four-minute mile (which is nothing to shake a LAM at) you need to average 15MPH.

Water Speed in MPH

Swim Skill Level: 1 2 3 4
Swimming: 4 6 7 9
Apparent Multiplier: 100% 150% 190% 240%
Oh. And a couple of things you shouldn't try to run faster than. (I wasn't able to figure out how fast bullets are.)

Object Speed in MPH

Rocket: 41
Plasma Bolt: 60
Opinion: Speed Aug When upgrading the Speed Augmentation, in terms of speed itself you get good value for the first three levels. Strangely, and I may be missing something here, you seem to get sort of short changed on the last upgrade.

Of course speed is only part of the picture, the last upgrade also bring falling and jumping benefits, which may make it worth your while. But don't expect to be inhumanly faster when you drop in that third precious upgrade canister.

Opinion: Run Silent Aug You need to choose between the Speed Aug and the Run Silent Aug. Some have argued that Run Silent is useless, suggesting that you can simply crawl with a full speed mod and achieve the same effect.

As the numbers above show, this isn't true. When crawling even with speed fully upgraded, you'll move only half as fast as a Silent Runner runs. That's not to dis the Speed Aug, which seems generally superior. Just don't assume that a fast crouch makes Run Silent useless.

Opinion: Swimming Skill This yields pretty consistent gains in speed up the scale. However, you may be happier overall going with low-level upgrades to both Swimming and Environmental Training, or Swimming plus a low-level AquaLung Aug. See the Skills and Augs sections for further discussion.

Topic: Cheats
Cheats Cheating lets you learn about the game before you go back in for your next drubbing. But Mainly it's fun.

"Cheat" is such an ugly word when you're just learning the game or messing around, but there you have it. To summon something, first you need to enable cheats.

To Enable Cheats

  1. Edit file User.ini
  2. Find the line beginning Tilde=
  3. Change it to Tilde=talk
  4. Find and change the second Tilde= occurrence
  5. Run Deus Ex and load a game
  6. Hit the back quote [ ` ] key
  7. Delete the word Say (you can press the down-arrow key to do this quickly)
  8. Enter this to enable cheats:
    set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled true
  9. Hit back quote and delete Say
  10. Enter the cheat ( see below)

Cheats that affect you:

  • god - toggles god mode
  • allhealth - gives you 100% health
  • allenergy - gives you 100% energy
  • allcredits - gives you a bunch of money
  • allskills - upgrades all of your skills to maximum
  • allskillpoints - gives you a bunch of skill points
  • allaugs - fills all aug slots, though maybe not with the augs that you would prefer
  • allweapons - like it says
  • allimages - gives you all the game's images
  • fly - lets you fly
  • ghost - turns off clipping (walk through walls)
  • walk - turns off "fly" and "ghost"
  • iamwarren - turn on an EMP damage field (like wearing a detonated EMP grenade)

Cheats that affect others:

  • tantalus - kill your target
  • opensesame - open your target

Legend menu cheats:

  • legend - open a special menu
  • loadmap - directly open legend Maps window
  • invokeconwindow - directly open legend Conversation window
  • editflags - directly open legend Flags window
  • showquoteswindow - directly open legend Quotes window
  • playmusicwindow - directly open legend Music window

Summoning You can summon all kinds of interesting things into the game. They may not do what you're used to (expect those WIBs to just saunter on by as though you were an MIB). But you can still have a lot of fun.

Summon yourself a few dozen friends and a barrel of ambrosia and let the good times roll, baby.

To summon anything you first have to enable cheats (see above).

To Summon One Thing: when summoning things, upper/lower case doesn't matter. Just go to the console, erase the "say", and type "summon (thing)":
  syntax:   summon actor
  example:   summon HKHangingPig

To Summon Lots of Things: if you'd like to summon more than one thing, use "spawnmass". If you don't specify how many things you'd like to spawn, you'll get 10 of them:
  syntax:   spawnmass actor (optional#)
  example:   spawnmass MIB 20
  example:   spawnmass WeaponLAW

To Load an Augmentation: you can't get augmentations with the Summon command. You need to yank them directly into your body.
  syntax:   augadd augname
  example:   augadd AugSpeed

Exercise: if you'd like to have some fun testing this out, do the following. You'll know what to do next.

  1. summon Pistol
  2. spawnmass Karkian
  3. spanwmass CrateExplosiveSmall

What to Summon
Useful Stuff Not-As-Useful Stuff
Thanks to RogueMonkey2000 for adding some new ones, including the Earth and the Moon.

WeaponAssaultShotgun WeaponAssultGun WeaponBaton WeaponCombatKnife WeaponCrowbar WeaponFlamethrower WeaponGasGrenade WeaponGEPGun WeaponHideAGun WeaponLAM WeaponLAW WeaponMiniCrossbow WeaponNanoSword WeaponPepperGun WeaponPistol WeaponPlasmaRifle WeaponProd WeaponRifle WeaponSawedOffShotgun WeaponShuriken WeaponStealthPistol WeaponSword

WeaponEMPGrenade WeaponModAccuracy WeaponModClip WeaponModLaser WeaponModRange WeaponModRecoil WeaponModReload WeaponModScope WeaponModSilencer WeaponNanoVirusGrenade

Ammo10mm Ammo20mm Ammo3006 Ammo762mm AmmoBattery AmmoDart AmmoDartFlare AmmoDartPoison AmmoNapalm AmmoPepper AmmoPlasma AmmoRocket AmmoRocketWP AmmoSabot AmmoShell

When you summon these items them immediately fire as well. For example, spawnmass lam is guaranteed to be an interesting experience.

Dart DartFlare DartPoison EMPGrenade GasGrenade LAM NanoVirusGrenade Rocket Shuriken

AdaptiveArmor BallisticArmor HazMatSuit Rebreather

AugmentationCannister AugmentationUpgradeCannister Binoculars BioelectricCell Credits FireExtinguisher Flare Lockpick MedKit Multitool TechGoggles

Candybar Cigarettes Liquor40oz LiquorBottle Sodacan SoyFood VialAmbrosia VialCrack WineBottle

Stars & Co-stars
AlexJacobson AnnaNavarre BobPage BobPageAugmented GuntherHermann JCDentonMale JaimeReyes Jock JosephManderley PaulDenton SamCarter StantonDowd TracerTong WaltonSimons

Supporting Cast
Chad FordSchick GarySavage GilbertRenton GordonQuick HarleyFilben HowardStrong JoJoFine JoeGreene JordanShea JuanLebedev LuciusDeBeers MaggieChow MargaretWilliams MaxChen MichaelHamner MorganEverett NathanMadison NicoletteDuclare PhilipMead RachelMead SandraRenton SarahMead Smuggler TiffanySavage TobyAtanwe

Cast Extras Who Want to Hurt You
Cop HKMilitary MIB MJ12Commando MJ12Troop RiotCop scubadiver SecretService Soldier Terrorist TriadLumPath TriadLumPath2 TriadRedArrow UNATCOTroop WIB

Cast Extras Who Don't Care Much About You One Way or the Other
Bartender BoatPerson BumFemale BumMale2 BumMale3 BumMale Businessman1 Businessman2 Businessman3 Businesswoman1 Butler Chef ChildMale Doctor Female1 Female2 Female3 Female4 Hooker1 Hooker2 Janitor JunkieFemale JunkieMale LowerClassFemale LowerClassMale LowerClassMale2 Maid Mechanic Nurse Sailor ScientistFemale ScientistMale Secretary ThugMale2 ThugMale3 ThugMale Male1 Male2 Male3 Male4

Cat CatCarcass Doberman DobermanCarcass Fish Fly Mutt MuttCarcass Pigeon PigeonCarcass Rat RatCarcass Seagull SeagullCarcass

Genetic Abominations
Gray GrayCarcass Greasel GreaselCarcass Karkian KarkianCarcass KarkianBaby KarkianBabyCarcass

CleanerBot MedicalBot MilitaryBot RepairBot SecurityBot2 SecurityBot3 SecurityBot4 SpiderBot SpiderBot2 SpyDrone

AttackHelicopter BlackHelicopter HKTukTuk Minisub NYPoliceBoat Van

Barrels, etc.
Barrel1 BarrelAmbrosia BarrelFire BarrelVirus Basket BoxLarge BoxSmall CrateBreakableMedCombat CrateBreakableMedGeneral CrateExplosiveSmall CrateUnbreakableLarge CrateUnbreakableMed CrateUnbreakableSmall TrashBag TrashBag2 TrashCan1 TrashCan2 TrashCan3 TrashCan4

AcousticSensr AIPrototype AlarmLight AlarmUnit ATM AutoTurret AutoTurretGun ComputerPersonal ComputerPublic ComputerSecurity ControlPanel DataCube Keypad Microscope Phone RetinalScanner SecurityCamera SubwayControlPanel TAD WHPhone

Cart Chair1 ChairLeather ClothesRack CoffeeTable CouchLeather Cushion HKChair HKCouch HKMarketTable HKMarketTarp HKTable OfficeChair WHBenchEast WHBenchLibrary WHBookstandLibrary WHCabinet WHChairDining WHChairOvalOffice WHChairPink WHDeskLibrarySmall WHDeskOvalOffice WHEndtableLibrary WHFireplaceGrill WHFireplaceLog WHPiano WHPiano WHRedCouch WHRedEagleTable WHRedOvalTable WHTableBlue

Faucet ShowerFaucet ShowerHead Toilet Toilet2 Valve Vase1 Vase2 WaterCooler WaterFountain

Button1 CageLight Chandalier HangingShopLight HKHangingLantern HKHangingLantern2 HKMarketLight Lamp1 Lamp2 Lamp3 Lightbulb LightSwitch PoolTableLight ShopLight Switch1 Switch2 WHRedCandleabra WHRedLampTable

CeilingFan CeilingFanMotor Fan1 Fan1Vertical Fan2

BoneFemur BoneSkull BookClosed BookOpen FlagPole Flask Flowers HKBirdCage HKBuddah HKHangingChicken HKHangingPig HKIncenseBurner NewsPaper NewsPaperOpen Plant1 Plant2 Plant3 Pot1 Pot2 Trophy WHRedVase

Other Stuff
Basketball Beam CigaretteMachine Earth ExplosionLarge ExplosionSmall MailBox Moon Pan1 Pan2 Pan3 Pan4 Pillow Pinball PoolBall RoadBlock Shellcasing ShipsWheel SignFloor Teargas TrafficLight TrashPaper TumbleWeed VendingMachine

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