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DX1 is one of the alltime best games

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Download this amazing game for 10 lousy bucks right now! Start playing today! You'll thank me (really, you will, I'm not just saying that)! The gameplay, the story, the dialog, the sheer depth of game design will floor you. Yes, the graphics are not as good as today's stuff, but I've tried many games with flashy graphics and lousy gameplay.
Note - For easy reference, this page generally (but not always) refers to the original Deus Ex as DX1 and the sequel Deus Ex - Invisible War as DX2.
Get that great Deus Ex 1 music. NOW! Charts show best use of DX1 skills and augs Unlock fun DX1 extras. Cheats detailed How to save "X" from death in DX1 and other tips DX information & links (mostly DX1) DX2 information & links
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Deus Ex game releases/events
2000, June - DX1 released for the PC
2002, May - DX1 released for Playstation 2 as Deus Ex: The Conspiracy
2003, December - The sequel, DX2 released for PC & Xbox
2005, February - Ion Storm, the company that made both DX games, closes its doors. In the wake of the poor receptions for DX2 and Thief3, many saw the end coming. Long before the closing, many had left or been fired.
The future? Oh yes, DX3 is in the works: Eidos DX3 Forum

Deus Ex Information

Watch the whole game like a movie. Someone played all the way through and posted it on youtube: Deus Ex movie
Excellent DX write-up at - Good DX info & file resource. Active maintenance of site stopped in Nov. 2004 - excellent info. By Feb. of 2005, one of the few surviving DX sites
DX1 analyzed - Stephan T. Lavavej's detailed explanations of real-life tie-ins to names and literary references in the game More analysis - All the game's literature excerpts in sequence.

DX writers rock!

A lot of time is spent talking about the technical aspects of good games, but the real driving element is story, and story demands good writers. Playing DX1, I loved the spoken dialog but I especially appreciated the world detail and backstory I could find by reading every newspaper, book or email I found. - DX1 dialog writer Sheldon Pacotti slipped his site's address into an email seen in the game. His site includes photos of the game's voluminous script. He returned to head up writing on DX2, and was among the many Ion Storm employees let go after that game's release. - Austin Grossman wrote additional dialogue for DX1, and he slipped in an email that included his name and the address for the game Nethack. It's a real game, currently on version 3; in the world of DX1 it's on version 54. Sadly, he did not return for DX2. His web site, which I don't think existed when DX1 was made, is - Chris Todd, DX1 dialog and in-game text writer, put an email in the game that included the address for his site. DX1 writing excerpts and his comments are included on the site. His work was one of my favorite parts of DX1. Sadly, he too did not return for DX2.
Theos Ek - comprehensive DX stuff, authored by the not-so-dead Walton Simons Yet another site with the entire book The Man Who Was Thursday
The Man Who Was Thursday - The entire excellent book by G.K. Chesterton. You can't tell from the excerpts in DX1, but TMWWT is a metaphorical, spiritual story. Don't miss his The Everlasting Man, too. The Man Who Was Thursday - A second site with the entire book
The Man Who Was Thursday - A third site with the entire book Official Eidos site - distributors of the DX games (and that Tomb Raider gal, too)
DX 1 continuity bible - Great insider's look LibertyCam - A live view of Liberty Island (simulated in DX1) Liberty Island official site - You can see the DX1 version accurately reflects the real place.
Castle Clinton official site - See that the Castle Clinton you visited in DX1 accurately reflects the real thing, except the story required the addition of a gazebo in the middle. The real Battery Park & Castle Clinton - see pix of the place you visited in the virtual world of DX1
DX1 free demo download at DX1 demo add-on - Free addition to the original DX1 demo.
Alexander Brandon's web site - composer of the excellent DX1 music Alexander Brandon on FaceBook Warren Spector reacts to DX being designated best PC game ever
Complete game credits for DX1 - Who made the game Sheldon Pacotti talks about writing DX1 in this interview at - Make your own DX1 maps/levels/mods
Official Ion Storm site - makers of the DX games.   Feb. 2005 - Ion Storm closes, so this link dies Excellent DX1 page at DX1 detailed walkthru w/pix
DX1 screenshots1 Denton's Databank - Part of, this is a great collection of minutia about DX1
DX1 screenshots2 DX1 screenshots3 DX1 screenshots4
Wikipedia articles about or related to DX1
Deus Ex JC Denton - the central character Major DX Characters
Tracer Tong Nicolette DuClare Minor DX Characters
Chad Dumier Illuminati Organizations in DX
Knights Templar Deus Ex Mods  
Vandenberg Air Force Base Area 51 Hell's Kitchen
Black Helicopters FEMA Warren Spector - game designer
The Man Who Was Thursday G.K. Chesterton Harvey Smith - game designer
Trilateral Commission Alexander Brandon - wrote most of the great music Dan Gardopee - music
Michiel van den Bos - music Austin Grossman - writer Reeves Gabrels, - music
Some DX1 sound wavs to download:
DX1 sound 1 DX1 sound 2 DX1 sound 3 DX1 sound 4 DX1 sound 5

Get that great Deus Ex 1 Music

I've played many games, and there are only a couple where the music floored me, and I was unable to imagine the game without the music. Those two games are Myst and Deus Ex 1. The majority of the DX1 music was created by Alexander Brandon. He returned for DX2, but told me he won't be doing DX3. Here's an Alex Brandon interview at DX 1 music also was created by Dan Gardopee, Michiel Van Den Bos and Reeves Gabrels.

Here are some ways to listen to the DX1 music (other than in the game itself):

First, the official, sanctioned, blessed downloads:

Title Info Length deusex-machina fileplanet. com
Deus Ex - Airfield.mp3 Music from the NYC airfield where you meet the NSFís Lebedev on the 747. 3:09 Down-load  
Deus Ex - End Title.mp3 Music from "New Dark Age," one of the 3 possible endings. 2:25 Down-load  
Deus Ex - Main Title.mp3 Title theme heard every time you start the game. Same as Deusex.mp3 below, but longer. Only the shorter version is heard in the game. 4:12 Down-load  
Deus Ex - NYC Streets.mp3 My no. 1 favorite. Heard early in the game when you visit Hellís Kitchen. 7:20 Down-load  
Deus Ex - UNATCO.mp3 My no. 2 favorite. Heard in all but the last visit to UNATCO HQ. 3:51 Down-load  
Chateau.mp3 Music from the Duclare chateau in France. 3:01   Down-load
Deusex.mp3 Same as ďDeus Ex - Main Title.mp3Ē above, but shorter. Only the shorter version is heard in the game. 2:24   Down-load
Nycbar.mp3 This is okay but I know I never heard it in any visit to the bar in Hellís Kitchen. Iím not sure you can hear it in the game. 2:14   Down-load
Synapse.mp3 Music from Hong Kong market & streets. 2:42   Down-load
The_illuminati.mp3 Music from the end titles, after any of the 3 possible endings. The filename suggests to me that the game's makers regard the Illuminati ending as the best one. 2:38   Down-load
Vanden.mp3 Music from Vandenberg airfield, the place with the huge robots, Dr. Savage and the scientists who left Area 51. 2:08   Down-load
DXTitleNew.mp3 Title theme re-recorded with a live orchestra, for the Playstation2 version. 2:26   Down-load
Bart Klepka - Deus Ex (Happy Planet Mix) A fan-made recording, so itís not in the game. 4:04   Down-load

MP3s of ALL DX1 music are at the following:
DX1 MP3s 1 DX1 MP3s 2 DX1 MP3s 3 DX1 MP3s 4

DX2 information

Free high-rez pack significantly improves appearance of DX2 on PC DX2 project director Harvey Smith interviewed at gamesdomain. Several photos of Ion Storm developers at the DX2 ship party, little knowing they soon would be looking for new jobs.
DX2 patch, demo, trailers & screensavers at DX2 project director Harvey Smith interviewed at Smith left Ion Storm shortly after the DX2 release in late 2003. By late 2004, many more had quit or been fired. In February of 2005, Eidos closed down Ion Storm.
Stephan T. Lavavej, whose site has an excellent in-depth analysis of DX1, was not pleased with DX2 - DX1 writer Sheldon Pacotti returned to head up writing on DX2. He was among the many Ion Storm employees let go after that game's release.
monkeypants - the site of Sarah Paetsch, who joined Ion Storm to work full-time on DX2. She was among those not let go after the game's release in late 2003. This page at profiles her.   Early 2005 - Paetsch quits.   Feb. 2005 - Ion Storm closes, 35 lose jobs.
Soundtrack composer Alex Brandon DX2-specific interview Writers Sheldon Pacotti and Sarah Paetsch in a Nov. 2003 interview at talk about the then-upcoming DX2.
Alex Brandon general interview at He did the music for DX 1&2. Five songs by Kidney Thieves are in DX2
May 2002 DX2 preview at March 2003 DX2 preview at Nov. 2001 DX2 preview at
GameSpot's review of DX2. Gives it a high rating but also correctly nails its flaws. GameSpot report about (justified) backlash by PC users - DX 1 & 2 resource
DX2 screenshots 1 DX2 screenshots 2 DX2 screenshots 3 - includes Tracer Tong, now older
DX2 screenshots 4 DX2 screenshots5 DX2 demo at fileplanet - pix, videos, everything available on the sequel & the original DX2 preview at DX2 writers nominated but no awards at 4th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards
Official DX site - May 2006, this link dies & the last "official" vestige of the DX games disappears. Late 2008, goes online Official Ion Storm site - makers of the DX games
Feb. 2005 - Ion Storm closes, so this link dies
DX2 intro movie!


This page receives some email response, but until now I haven't shared it. The following email's subject line made me laugh and feel appreciated, so it begins this section:

From : blair
Sent : Monday, July 3, 2006 11:47 PM
Subject : Deus Ex Page: You Are A God
I am writing to thank you for your website on Deus Ex, one of the last Deus Ex information pages left on the Web. Unfortunately in this day and age, where games are one big graphics rush to appease the shortening attention spans of gamers, there seems to be less and less room for games like Deus Ex, which make up for its lack of eye-blasting in mind-blowing story and gameplay. If Deus Ex was remade by Eidos with today's graphical technology, I am positive almost every gamer on this dirt ball of ours would pick it up and play. Games like Deus Ex need to be brought back from the bottom of the bargain bin!
Thanks again,
QLD, Australia.
— — — — — — — — — — — —
The composer of the original DX music responds to my email! Links added by me.
RE: lay some DX3 music on me!
From: Alexander Brandon (
Sent: Sat 1/19/08 1:02 AM
To: 'Robert Fahey' (

Ah Robert if only I could. Believe me itíd be great fun to delve back into DX. But Iím working at
Obsidian and my music thatís game related will be written for anything coming out of that company.

However it appears that the trailer at least does a nod to the original soundtrack in a way that I think works well, so if they continue in that tradition Iíd be pleased as punch. Hopefully Iíll figure out who is doing the soundtrack and start a bit of a dialogue. Iíd loop in Michiel also as his UNATCO theme is overwhelmingly popular.

Iím glad you like the DX1 music. Iím starting to get really weirded out (in a good way) about how many folks enjoy the soundtrack. Almost as though DX is as worthy as System Shock as a great Warren Spector game soundtrack. I guess that was the bar reallyÖ SS was brilliantÖ

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