You might be surprised to learn that you have a favorite director (I as heck was). Skim through the following list and see if any themes start cropping up. For example, of the six episodes that Ken Olin directived, five were "Nancy" episodes, and they were generally quite good.

There's really no organization to this, but I did start with the most prolific directors first and worked backwards from there.

Index of Directors

9 episodes

Scott Winant--I'm in love..., We'll Meet Again, Mr. Right, Legacy, Some Sex, What Sex, No Sex, Towers of Zenith (one), Life Class, Our Wedding, California

7 episodes

Ron Lagormarsino--Nancy's First Date, Born to be Mild, The Mike van Dyke Show, Success, Payment Due, Nancy's Mom, Another Country

6 episodes

Ken Olin--No Promises, Courting Nancy, Pilgrims, The Other Shoe, Guns & Roses, Second Look

Joseph Dougherty--Best of Enemies, Michael's Campaign, Towers of Zenith (two), The Haunting of DAA, Sifting the Ashes, Fighting the Cold

5 episodes

Peter Horton--Whose Forest Is It?, In Re: Marriage of Weston, First Day/Last Day, Deliverance, Post-Op

Marshall Herskovitz--pilot, Couples, Therapy, Love and Sex, New Baby

4 episodes

Ellen S. Pressman--Once a Mermaid, Control, Photo Opportunity, Melissa in Wonderland

3 episodes

Timothy Busfield--Her Cup Runneth Over, The Difference Between Men and Women, Stop at Willoughby

Dan Lerner--South by Southwest, Undone, Elliot's Dad

Edward Zwick--Attack of the Killer Parents, Accounts Receivable, Arizona

Richard Kramer--Be a Good Girl, I'm Nobody Who Are You?, Prelude

Claudia Weil--Nice Work if You Can Get It, Business as Usual, Politics

2 episodes

John Pasquin--Housewarming, Weaning

Tom Moore--But Not for Me, Michael Writes a Story

Peter O'Fallon--Strangers, Fathers and Lovers

Melanie Mayron--Going Limp, The Distance

Rob Cohen--Competition, Pulling Away

Victor DuBois--Three Year Itch, Happy new Year

Gary Sinise (yes, the guy from Forrest Gump, The Stand, and Ransom)--About Last Night, New Parents

One Shots

Mark Cullingham--We Gather Together

Robert Lieberman--I'll Be Home for Christmas

Paul Haggis--Separation

Ann Lewis Hamilton--Never Better

Steven Robman--Trust Me

Joshua Brand--New Job

Norman Seef--The Guilty Party

Mary Beth Fielder--The Burning Bush

Mel Harris--Out the Door

Mark Harris--Hopeless

Ken Gilbert--Tenure

Martin Nicholson--Closing the Circle

Randall Miller--Melissa and Men

Deborah Reinisch--Advanced Beginners

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