All-time Keepers List

I sat down recently and drew up a list of my sixteen all-time favorite episodes, so I could make two videotapes that I felt represented the full scope of the series. I tried to select ones that moved along the overall plot, represented important aspects of certain characters and their development, and (most importantly) didn't contain any hysterical weeping. For no particular reason, I have reproduced the list here, along with a brief explanation of the reason I included the episode.

If you have your own favorites with equally valid justifications, I'd love to hear about them. Just drop me a line and I'll print your choices alongside mine. Hey, why don't we have an all time favorites contest? That's it, it's decided--send me e-mail and I'll tally the votes and keep a running track of the top 10.

Lisa's Keepers

106 "we gather together" (group dynamics and Hope)

109 "i'll be home for christmas" (Michael's Christmas issues; relationship to Melissa)

119 "undone" (Michael)

209 "about last night" (Gary and Susannah; Gary and Melissa)

210 "elliot's dad" (Elliot's epiphany; aftermath of company breakup)

212 "deliverance" (Ellyn; women's dynamics; Nancy & Elliot marriage stress)

311 "pulling away" (Michael is promoted; Hope and the Fairfield project)

312 "another country" (Nancy's book and cancer)

318 "the other shoe" (Nancy and Elliot)

406 "the guilty party" (Hope's issues; Miles at work on a light note)

408 "never better" (Ellyn, Gary & Susannah, Billy Sidel, Jeffrey)

411 "melissa and men"(Melissa; her and Gary; Lee returns)

414 "second look" (Nancy's cancer, Gary)

415 "fighting the cold" (the group)

418 "out the door" (Elliot leaves; Michael's stress builds)

421 "a stop at willoughby" (Michael's choice)

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