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Looking through this list, I discovered that I definitely had a favorite writer--Joseph Dougherty. I'm not sure what it was exactly, but his stories were powerful and compelling insights on the role of a man in the workplace and with his family in these modern times. And besides, his episodes contained a total of one horrible Hope speech, and two counts of raging hypocrisy (Gary in "Best of Enemies" and Hope in "Legacy"). Not too bad for a guy with a hand in seventeen of the eighty or so scripts.

Go ahead, browse around and get reacquainted.


Susan Miller--We Gather Together

Jean Valley--Nice Work if You can get it

Susan Monsky--I'll be Home for Christmas

Kathleen Tolan--Whose Forest Is It?

John Miller--Tenure

Jerry Stahl--Politics

Tammy Ader--About Last Night

Ellen Simon--Once a Mermaid

Ramsey Fadiman--Fathers and Lovers


Joseph Dougherty--Competition, Undone, First Day/Last Day, Elliot's Dad, Michael Writes a Story, Best of Enemies, Legacy, Michael's Campaign, Pulling Away, The Other Shoe, Towers of Zenith one and two, The Distance, Never Better, Fighting the Cold, Stop at Willoughby

Richard Kramer--But not for Me, I'll be Home for Christmas, I'm in love..., Accounts Receivable, Whose Forest Is It?, We'll Meet Again, Trust Me, Be a Good Girl, Strangers, Pilgrims, Another Country, Prelude to a Bris, Happy new Year, We Gather Together (with Edward Zwick and Susan Miller), Closing the Circle (with Paul Monette)

Ann Lewis Hamilton--I'm in love..., Tenure, About Last Night, Deliverance, New Job, Nancy's Mom, Love and Sex, New Parents, Once a Mermaid, 3 Year Itch, Control, The Haunting of DAA, Second Look, Out the Door

Susan Shilliday--Therapy, Separation, Nancy's First Date, In Re: Marriage of Weston, Politics, Courting Nancy, The Burning Bush, Post-Op, Arizona

Winnie Holzman--Her Cup Runneth Over, I'm Nobody Who Are You?, Life Classs, The Guilty Party, Difference Between Men and Women, Melissa in Wonderland, Fathers and Lovers (with Ramsey Fadiman), Melissa and Men, Advanced Beginners (with Liberty Godshall)

Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz--pilot, Attack of the Killer Parents, Housewarming, Couples, The Mike van Dyke Show, Success

Liberty Godshall--Weaning, No Promises, Love and Sex, Guns & Roses, Hopeless, Advanced Beginners (with Winnie Holzman)

Paul Haggis--Nice Work if You Can Get It, South by Southwest, Business as Usual

Jill Gordon--Mr. Right, Some What No, Our Wedding

Marshall Herskovitz--Business as Usual

Paul Monette--Closing the Circle

Hugh O'Neil--Going Limp

Jerry Stahl--Born to Be Mild,

Cynthia Saunders--Payment Due

Racelle Rosett Schaefer--Photo Opportunity

Ramsey Fadiman--Fathers and Lovers (with Winnie Holzman)

Susan Miller--We Gather Together (with Edward Zwick and Richard Kramer)

Edward Zwick--We Gather Together (with Susan Miller and Richard Kramer)

W.H. Macy--Sifting the Ashes (with Steven Schachter)

Steven Schachter--Sifting the Ashes (with W.H. Macy)

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