Episode 109--"i'll be home for christmas"

Richard Kramer
Susan Monsky
Robert Lieberman
Air Dates

Sound wavs from this episode
12/15/87, 6/14/88
Guest Stars
Paul Sand as Andy Aronson; Danielle Rioux as Melissa age 12; Estelle Busch as grandmother; Frank Dielsi as tree salesman; Jay Lambert as young Michael; Dinah Lenny as Sarah; Stephanie Shroyer as aerobics instructor; and Maura Soden as Shelly
Michael struggles with Melissa's rising star and his own insecurities about Christmas.
Elliot and Michael take on a last minute campaign for a pregnant aerobics class and conscript Melissa into help them. Hope then decorates the house to the gills for Christmas, but Michael isn't in the spirit and begins to exhibit some nervousness about his Jewish heritage and role in the whole season.

While shooting pictures of a friend's newborn, Melissa meets her friend's cousin Andy Aronson, the famous photographer, who invites her to his show at the Hill Gallery and then takes alook at her portfolio. Michael thinks that Melissa's pictures of the class are too artistic and makes her reshoot because of their tight schedule. When Melissa and Michael finally make up about the photos, she tells him about Aronson but Michael is suspicious, implying Aronson has other designs and Melissa gets mad and storms off. While meeting with Aronson he does indeed make a (very polite) pass at her, so Melissa leaves suddenly and leaves the aerobics negatives with Aronson and then can't get them back which infuriates Michael.

Aronson drops by Melissa's apartment to return the stuff and compliments her within Michael's earshot. After some significant prodding by Gary, Michael remembers when Melissa was upset for him for selling out and going to business school), then takes her photos to a gallery himself and although it's rejected, the letter is extremely positive.

Michael then ditches the aerobics campaign to give the staff time off for Christmas. Michael comes home with a tree as a peace offering only to find that Hope has decorated the house for Hannukah and Melissa is there with them, knowing it was Michael who went to the gallery for her.

  • Opener clip of Elliot dancing "pregnant"
  • Melissa keeps a barbie doll ("Lauren, [Barbie's] Jewish princess friend") atop the Christmas tree
  • The red Cherokee appears
  • Michael gives Gary a pez dispenser for Christmas
  • Paul Sand has appeared previously as the voice of Jim/Rex in "but not for me"
  • Music Fashion
  • Melissa's coonskin cap and the jacket with the numbers, and mismatched earrings, one long earring, but it's in the left ear
  • Gary wears the Knights jacket and the gloves with no tips.
  • Quotes
    "Tell me, why does female bonding always involve vanilla exract?" --Ellyn

    "You're cheery, something wrong?" --Michael to Hope

    "Is this the reversable yamulka I've wanted for so long?" --Michael

    "Y'know A Christmas Carol wasn't written by Kafka, Michael." --Hope

    --"When was the last time you had a show?" --Aronson

    --"Camp Mutchkiwiss, age 13. The critics were bitterly divided." --Melissa

    "Well, I've sorta been hinting around for a pony, but I don't think I'm gonna get it." --Hope

    "You know, rejection is very underrated." --Melissa


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