Episode 110--"south by southwest"


Paul Haggis


Dan Lerner

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Dana Delaney as Eve; Christopher Carroll as Philip Vandamm; Lois Staley as Jenny Vandamm


Gary falls in love, then screws it up.


In the aftermath of a one night stand with Jenny Vandamm, the wife of a colleague, Gary realizes that he's fallen in love with a woman named Eve that he met six weeks ago. Shortly after she comes over to meet Hope and Michael (who loved her), Gary finds his apartment tossed, his clothes slashed, "Die, Die, Die" painted in red on the walls, and he receives a dead rat in the mail. He convinces Michael and Elliot to go along with him to investigate, so they break into the office of Dr. Vandamm, a psychology professor. Eve finds out about the affair and ditches Gary who finally, just maybe, learned a little something about his wayward ways.




Dream Sequence


"These two performance artists are re-enacting man's discovery of water...well, it's a very quick discovery, like, "Ooo, there's water." --Eve

"She's terrific. She's real. She's intelligent. Has she known Gary long?" --Hope to Michael

"Because he's afraid of sex ,so he keeps having affairs to make people think that he's not? Gosh, Gare, think that could be your problem?" --Melissa, in the dream sequence


Has Gary never heard of AIDS? Sorry, I have trouble with this, especially the scene with the matchbooks and all the phone numbers of women he could barely remember. I know it happens, but it's irresponsible and reprehensible.

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Gary (Peter Horton) and Eve (Dana Delaney)

Bob: I think it was Curtis Mayfield originally on It's Alright (aka It's All Right), though apparently Bobby Rush did a notable cover.

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