Episode 113--"separation"

Susan Shilliday
Paul Haggis
Air Dates
1/26/88, 9/6/88
Guest Star
Amy Benedict as Amy
Elliot leaves Nancy and, amazingly enough, she doesn't fall apart.
There is some tension apparent as Nancy behaves in a somewhat innocent, silly way in social settings--screwing up stories and jokes at parties, and also at Ethan's parent teacher conference. Elliot suddenly leaves to take time "to think", appearing very confused and upset while Nancy seems to be shocked but coping numbly. Hope covers to go get Ethan and tries to help, but Nancy is forging ahead like supermom. Elliot stays with Hope and Michael and seems in limbo, getting Michael and Gary to go out with him to a bar. Eventually he gets in the way a lot, eats all the breakfast food, and invites the Wrath of Hope. Hope is finally caught in the middle as Nancy finally vents her side as does Elliot as well. Elliot and Nancy are separated, finally, and he remains with Hope and Michael, as the loss begins to sink in.

As a strange subplot, Hope's Aunt Libby has died and left her enormous hope chest to her in the will. Somewhat disillusioned after all these years, Hope alternately loves it and then tries to give it away.

Notes Goofs Fashion
Elliot wears a jacket pin.
Music Quotes
--"Here comes the tone." --Michael

--"What tone?" --Hope

--"The Presbyterian thin-lipped tone." --Michael

"You know I've always wanted a place to hide a corpse." Michael, regarding the trunk

"Oh my God, is it carnivorous?" --Elliot, also regarding the trunk

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