Episode 114--"i'm in love, i'm in love, i'm in love with a wonderful gynecologist!"

a.k.a. "i'm in love...with my gynecologist!"


Ann Lewis Hamilton and Richard Kramer


Ann Lewis Hamilton


Scott Winant

Air Dates

2/2/88, 5/24/88

Guest Star

Robin Thomas as Dr. Bob Kramer; Kellie Martin as Robin Kramer


While Melissa is busy falling for a doctor that she and Ellyn met in a video store, Ellyn has difficulties with Woodman.


Melissa and Ellyn have begun to hang out together and become friends while watching old movies such as Now Voyager. Woodman plans a special surprise trip to Vermont and gives Ellyn ski boots, which she isn't really thrilled about as she's re-evaluating their relationship and the frustrations they have in working together at City Hall. Melissa and Ellyn go to a video store and meet Bob Kramer, talk about old movies, and meet his daughter, Robin. The three adults meet later for dinner and hit it off, but Ellyn and Melissa keep second guessing each other as to which one Bob liked more.

Ellyn goes to the gynecologist's office only to find out that her doctor is on vacation, and the substitute turns out to be Bob--Dr. Bob. They go for coffee instead (good move). Ellyn and Woodman have a huge fight and Ellyn ends up renting Philadelphia Story and watching it with Bob. Unfortunately, Melissa (who has developed quite an attraction for Bob) drops by unexpectedly and misinterprets the whole thing. Bob goes to Melissa's loft, explains, and they end up together.

Meanwhile, Hope and Michael invite Ellyn and Melissa over for dinner, plotting to get them together so they'll apologize. It works a little too well as they talk on the steps, decide to go get a drink, and ditch Hope and Michael. Ellyn makes up with Woodman by wearing the ski boots into a board meeting (I'm not making this up).


Now Voyager makes an eerie* appearance; Bob has been divorced for three months; opener clip of Melissa analyzing herself.


Melissa wears the coat with the numbers and one long earring in the left ear.


--"This is ridiculous. We're meddling." --Michael

--"We're smoothing, smoothing things over." --Hope

--"Hope, we're meddling. I feel like my Aunt Esther --Michael

"Are you going to try to contact Georgia O'Keefe again?" --Gary to Melissa regarding the Ouija board at Hope and Michael's party

--"How was he?" --Ellyn, regarding Dr. Bob

--"He's a professional." --Melissa

Missing Scene

Andrea Stanfield recalls that this clip from the opening moments of the show has been cut:

"Melissa and Ellyn were at Hope and Michael's watching a movie or something. Hope and Michael are falling asleep, so Melissa and Ellyn start to leave. When they are standing outside the door, they both say they're not tired and then decide to hang out together. THEN it cuts to Melissa's loft where they are watching the Bette Davis movie. In the Lifetime version, they cut directly from the Hope and Michael's living room to Melissa's loft."


Gary is truly Melissa's friend as he encourages her to pursue a relationship with Bob. Just a year later, they had great difficulty as they contemplated getting back together, and then her hurt feelings in the aftermath of his new relationship. It's a shame that they had to vascillate so much in terms of their friendship, but it is nevertheless a very real reflection of the difficulties that men and woman have in trying to remain friends after an affair.

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