Episode 115--"business as usual"


Marshall Herskovitz and Paul Haggis


Claudia Weill

Air Date

2/9/88, 6/21/88

Guest Stars

Steven Hill as Leo Steadman; Barbara Rhoades as Linda; David Wohl as Dr. Turlow; Faith Ford as Janine


Michael's father comes to Philadelphia for treatment for his terminal cancer condition.


Michael's father (Leo) comes to visit with his wife (stepmom, Linda) and the mildly unpleasant anticipation becomes intense. Linda tries to help constantly, which puts Hope on edge. Leo is wearing a toupee and not looking very well.

Michael gives his father a tour of the office and Leo sees their new project, a trademark that they've borrowed money to create in order to win a contract with Motherland Foods. Since Leo's from the garment business, he doesn't quite understand this method of doing business.

Over lunch he tells Michael that he's come to Philadelphia to have cancer treatment as chemotherapy didn't work. This is the first Michael has heard of it his father's illness. There is much confusion and bureaucracy in getting Leo admitted and Michael discovers the insurance policy has lapsed. The treatment is very hard on Leo, causing him to have seizures.

In the midst of this, it turns out there's another logo that looks almost exactly like the one that Michael and Elliot designed, so they have to pull out of consideration. All the stress starts getting to Michael, so he takes off and ends up at Melissa's and continues to bicker with her about their family with Gary as a semi-amused onlooker. Michael is having trouble he should love people when he'll eventually lose them. He and Elliot decide to put more money into redesigning the campaign, figuring the risk is worth it.

When Leo's treatment doesn't go well, so Michael and Linda decide to pull him out of the hospital and bring him home to spend his last few weeks in peace.


  • Barbara has been married to Leo for eleven years
  • Michael crashed the family car into a tree when he was a kid
  • The space Michael and Elliot work in a round building that was renovated by them.
  • Quotes

    "You don't always do the risky thing just because it's risky." --Michael