Episode 118--"nancy's first date"


Susan Shilliday


Ron Lagormarsino

Air Date


Guest Star

Robin Thomas as Bob Kramer; Kellie Martin as Robin Kramer; Ralph Bruneau as Jed


Nancy goes on her first date after Elliot and Melissa breaks up with the doctor.


Nancy gets a date with Jed, the father of Devon, a girl in Britty's class and is immediately terrified, so the girls give her advice and try to outfit her from Hope's closet. Melissa sets up a nice dinner for Bob at her place, but he shows up with Robin in tow and (in the process they manage to explode Hope's cappucino machine). Elliot finds out that Nancy has a date and freaks in a very funny way. Melissa broaches the subject of kids with Dr. Bob when she finds out that he doesn't want any more. Melissa teaches Robin some about taking pictures and Melissa loses her temper briefly, but recovers. Ellyn and Melissa discuss the joys and tribulations of having kids (Ellyn more on the down side, Melissa up). Nancy calls Melissa in a panic right before her date, which is when Elliot walks into the house and (inexplicably) he and Nancy end up sleeping together again, though she still goes out on her date with Jed. Melissa and Robin have another tift, this time over Melissa's ballerina doll named Anna Pavlova. Melissa and Dr. Bob break up over the children issue. Nancy and Elliot try to resolve where they stand in terms of dating and it's left dangling.


  • Grendel the dog appears
  • Michael is remodeling the kitchen
  • Janey's nursery is decorated with teddy bear border and Hope sings the teddy bear picnic song to her
  • Bob's ex's name is Ann
  • Michael once broke Melissa's rib playing Red Rover
  • Nancy is shown drawing a picture of a tree
  • Opener clip of Melissa in formal wear and a clip of Nancy and Elliot trying to kiss, and then after sex
  • Melissa uses phrase "smartass"
  • Bob has only been divorced 5 months
  • Rare scene of Michael and Nancy together
  • Elliot has his own space now and a pretty trashy one too.
  • Fashion



    "What am I going to wear? I don't have any date clothes. All I have are married clothes. Oh Hope--can I borrow something? You've only been married a few years. Maybe you have something left." --Nancy

    "Oh no, it's the door. He's not supposed to be here til like, like 7:30! It's probably a Jehovah's Witness. Maybe they have something I can wear." --Nancy to Melissa in a pre-date panic

    --"So where are you going?" --Melissa, regarding the date

    --"I don't know. Probably just some black tie dinner dance where people are speaking nothing but Finno-Ugaratic. Or some psychodrama workshop where people are naked and crawling around on the floor." --Nancy

    "You know I was really happy all those years when I thought sheet rock had to do with continental drift." --Hope, regarding the remodeling.

    "I think it'll be ready for Janey's wedding reception." --Michael regarding the kitchen