Episode 202--"in re: the marriage of weston"


Susan Shilliday


Peter Horton

Air Dates

12/13/88, 8/1/89

Guest Stars

Lyman Ward as Jack Bronstein; Millie Perkins as the divorce mediator; Rita Wilson (Tom Hanks' wife) as Adrianne; David Packer as Terry O'Neil; Courtney Gebhardt as Carla


Nancy makes progress in getting her book published, while Elliot dates a lawyer. Their divorce papers are finalized, but neither sign them.


Nancy has had her book in at a publisher that Emily Burch recommended for two months now and the pictures are finished color portraits now. She and Elliot are obviously under a lot of stress. Nancy breaks down and calls the publisher, actually being assertive, asking him to look at her work and he agrees.

Elliot has met Adrianne, a lawyer who smokes constantly, and has started dating her which leads to him needing to take an advance on his paycheck again. Nancy goes to meet Jack Bronstein, the publisher, and he likes the book a lot, but thinks they need to work on the story some. Jack has a daughter named Lauren, so he understands her need to work around the kids. Elliot meets with Adrianne and he's resistant to the idea of selling the house. Nancy starts making a dress for Britty out of the red velvet one she wore for the college production where she first met Elliot. Jack comes to the house and reads books to Ethan, who seems to like him.

In a meeting with the lawyers, Nancy turns down alimony and gets a job helping out at Chestnut Hill Art Center where Nancy meets Terry, an instructor who is extremely attentive. In deliberations with Jack, the magic bandaid is cut from the storyline and while talking to Jack. Just after Jack kisses her, Nancy has more flashbacks involving the wine glasses which she and Elliot bought in Spain. Melissa stops by the art center to see Nancy, and it turns out that Melissa knows Terry. For a moment it looks as if they were together, but Terry and Nancy end up sleeping together.

Elliot caves in and gets the house appraised, but Ethan finds out and Elliot asks him to keep it a secret. Elliot and the kids go fishing and Elliot finds out about Jack's presence at the house and that there's a book of some sort. Hope and Ellyn show up in the life drawing class at the center and spot Terry. Elliot makes a play for Adrianne and she puts him off again, though they do eventually sleep together. He asks hesitantly if he can stay the night, she awkwardly says yes, and he immediately retracts the request and leaves.

Nancy gets a call about the house being on the market and goes furiously charging over to the Steadman's with Jack in tow and causes a huge scene. Elliot finds out that Nancy has written a book about the story that he and Ethan made up together, which frustrates him.

In the end, the divorce papers are delivered to both of them, but neither can sign and they set them aside for the moment.


  • Nancy's maiden name is Krieger
  • Ethan Krieger Weston was born March 6, 1982
  • Brittany Ann Weston was born October 27, 1984
  • Elliot's middle name is Francis
  • Marital dissolution papers dated December 5, 1988
  • Grendel appears
  • Michael and Elliot company designed a logo for the Ticonderoga beer company
  • Nancy uses a diaphragm as her method of birth control
  • The Weston house has three bedrooms, 1 bathroom, no family room (which is kind of peculiar when I'm looking at shots of the house because the couch sure seems to be in a family room of some sort).
  • Fashion



    "I am thinking about having a lawyer." --Elliot to Adrianne

    --"Your hair smells like pine trees, sunny pine trees." --Terry

    --"Yeah, that's the pine tar shampoo. I use it for the dandruff." --Nancy

    "I'm getting that feeling, Ellyn, that giggly, pre-teen shopping for a training bra feeling." --Hope

    "You're not divorced, you're separated." --Adrianne