Episode 204--"trust me"


Richard Kramer


Steven Robman

Air Date

1/3/89, 8/8/89

Guest Stars

Patricia Kalember as Susannah Hart; David Marshall Grant as Russell Weller; Lynne Thigpen as Rosie; Jeff Altman as Monty Ovary; Courteny B. Vance as Curtis; Jeremy Lawrence as Creepy Guy; Tony Colitti as Court Officer; Bennett Liss as Russell's friend;


Gary becomes involved at the Race Street Project and meets the director, Susannah Hart. Melissa meets Russell Weller, an artist. Gary and Melissa decide to have a kid together, but back out eventually.


Gary is frustrated with teaching and his lack of progress toward tenure. Melissa has been working on wedding photography. Michael and Hope are over at the loft and Gary keeps asking questions about how Michael feels about his calling in life and Michael gives a pat answer about having Janey now and being a father (as he's showing the sonogram of the new baby). After Hope and Michael take off, Gary and Melissa compare rejection notices to make themselves feel better. Gary has started volunteering with a tutoring program, but the kid (Curtis) seems to hate him and Susannah Hart, the director, never has time to meet with him. They have a bit of a conflict, but Susannah agrees to think about Melissa goes to shoot a wedding and hits it off with Russell Weller, a young painter (the bride was his first "real" girlfriend.). Gary meets with his "kid" from his the Race Street Project and they definitely don't hit it off.

While playing football on the lawn at Hope and Michael's, Melissa and Gary jokingly talk about about having a kid together. Michael takes it pretty seriously, so he drops by to see Gary and find out if they were kidding. Gary seems to actually be thinking about settling down and seems to resent Michael's implication that Gary might not be capable of being focused or faithful. At Russell's party, Melissa overhears him on the phone and figures out that he's gay (one of his friends has just been diagnosed with AIDS). They talk a little and it doesn't seem that his orientation will be a barrier to their friendship. Melissa has a nightmare in which she's on the gameshow "Beat the Biological Clock" hosted by Montey Ovary with assistants Nancy and Hope (looking extremely fertile and pregnant). Gary goes the Race Street Project to resign from tutoring Curtis, finds out that Curtis is in court with Susannah, and then chases down to the court building after them.

Gary goes to the Project and apologizes, but finds out that it wasn't Curtis who was in trouble, but his brother Jackie. He still decides that he's not the right person and backs out of the program. Melissa quizzes Russell about whether or not she should have a kid with Gary. Russell tries to offer calm advice, but Melissa seems pretty set on going ahead and isn't really listening to Russell's advice anyways.

Melissa has the loft decked out with tons of candles and Gary brings a bottle of wine when they get together to discuss having a kid (she claims the power has been flickering because of the storm). They get very worked up about the potential problems, then seem to resolve that they'll work through whatever comes along, and sleep together (though that's not terribly clear). Curtis comes to visit Gary at school to say that he was impressed that Gary came after him, so they reach an understanding.

Melissa goes to visit Russell and deliver some photos she took for some band friends of his and he confesses that he thinks her having a baby with Gary is her piece of insurance against the future and that it's a mistake. He gives a nice speech about not being afraid of the future, but accepting it. She tells him that she slept with Gary the other night, that it "just happened," and whatever happens will happen. Gary shows up at the loft bearing flowers and he and Melissa come to roughly the same conclusion, that it would be a mistake for them to have a kid, but still swear to be there for each other. Melissa tells him that she's not pregnant (she got her period early), and they both seem to be all right with the resolution.


  • Gary is 35 now
  • It's 1989
  • Hope has her sonogram
  • Gary was a "mistake" but has one sister
  • Gary's SATs were English: 751, Math: 569
  • Russell knew he was gay at 12, came out at 24
  • Melissa was rejected by three galleries
  • Gary was both summa and Phi Beta Kappa at Penn (and they still rejected him)
  • Russell lives at 9495 Lombard, 5th floor
  • Gary likes to read the Sunday paper classifieds to see what schnauzers are going for
  • Gary has been teaching for 8 years at this post
  • Fashion


    Missing Scenes


    --"You like this [picture]?" --Hope

    --"Hmmmm...aesthetically, but for Michael's mother, it might imply that you two actually, y'know, have sex." --Melissa

    --"You're right. Wouldn't want to mislead her." --Hope

    "Personally I think Japanese fashion is revenge for WWII." --Russell

    --"You're a photographer?" --jerk guest, cousin of Russell

    --"No, it's a necklace. A large, heavy German necklace." --Melissa