Episode 211--"payment due"


Cynthia Saunders


Ron Lagormarsino

Air Dates

3/7/89, 7/14/89

Guest Stars

Ellyn in mirror

Jeff McCracken as Dave Calloman; Philip Abbott as Dr. Meyer; Ellen Crawford as ; Betsy Blair as ; (Dr. Price is played by the same woman who plays Lydia on E.R.)


Ellyn's life falls apart, she develops an ulcer, and loses Woodman.


Ellyn is experiencing stomach pain, but hiding it from Woodman. She's working on the Southside Re-development project for the City Council and keeping up the pretense of being an efficient, power woman. An Assistant District Attorney, Dave Calloman, is hanging around, trying to indict Faraday, a developer who is working with them. Ellyn seems interested in him despite Woodman's presence.

There's another dinner at Hope and Michael's at which Ellyn doesn't eat well, just drinks wine, and behaves like a complete jerk, insulting everyone. There's also some reference to Gary and Susannah not coming, which Melissa tries hard to ignore. Later, Ellyn is still having pain, so she goes to her doctor who orders her to go to a GI specialist, but she throws the number away. Ellyn goes running and meets up with Dave who is on a stakeout, looking for Faraday. Ellyn goes to make up with Hope and asserts that she's in control and doing well. She confides that she's thinking some about Dave and Hope is properly discouraging of it.

At work, Ellyn is still having pain and Woodman tries to help, but she blows him off. He says he'll be home late because of a meeting. Ellyn and Melissa get together over lunch and Melissa doesn't do a very good job of discouraging Ellyn from looking at other men. Dave comes by the office late that night, wanting to go over the Faraday case and he begs her to come bowling with him. Ellyn gets back late to the apartment and finds Woodman waiting up for her. He tries to politely inquire about why she was late and she simply says that Dave wanted to go over the Faraday case.

The next day, Woodman goes to return some research he'd borrowed to Hope and he ends up commiserating with her about Ellyn's situation. Hope drops by Ellyn's office to say hi and they end up talking a little bit about the Dave situation, but it turns tense by the end. Late that night, Woodman is leaving and sees Ellyn flirting with Dave in her office. She comes home at 3:30 and he's awake, waiting for her, then puts on his jacket and leaves.

Ellyn gets very sick that night, spitting up blood, and manages to get to the hospital. The doctors call Hope who goes to see Ellyn who is still very prickly and resistant to help. At home, Hope is depressed that Ellyn is being distant, and also feeling guilty that she's glad that something (a bleeding ulcer) has finally caught up with Ellyn. Ellyn's doctor is quite firm that she needs to see a psychiatrist to help deal with her stress symptoms.

Ellyn's mother finally shows up and then Woodman later that night, relieved that he'd finally tracked her down. She just can't seem to see that she'd blown it with him, asking about the office and everything but them. He's actually angry with her and anyone with eyes can see that he's leaving her. Hope comes bearing the iron plant and refuses to leave, giving Ellyn the tough love-care she needed, and making fun of the her flannel nightgown.

Ellyn returns home to find that Woodman has left, so she goes to stay with her mother and help some with the packing up of the family things while staying in her old room and watching TV (The Little Princess with Shirley Temple). She picks up the phone and calls the psychiatrist.


  • Ellyn's secretary is Susie
  • Opener clip of Michael hugging Melissa and one of Ellyn messing with the mirror
  • Grendel appears by name, sitting on the couch
  • Ellyn's mother's phone number is 555-2727.
  • Quotes

    "Is that a supoena in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" --Ellyn to Dave

    "I am an iron plant, impervious to neglect. I will bloom even in nuclear winter." --Ellyn, while carrying a plant to Hope as a get well present to the toaster oven she destroyed

    "So now you're looking at me down that nose of yours again." --Ellyn to, who else, Hope

    "I mean, Michael's cute and all, but how much fun can it be sitting at home watching him sulk night after night?" --Ellyn

    "It's very hard to be empathic and murderously angry at the same time." --Hope