Episode 213--"michael writes a story"


Joseph Dougherty


Tom Moore

Air Dates

4/4/89, 7/11/89, 1/2/90

Guest Star

Lorinne Vozhoff as Ivy Dunbar; Timothy Carhart as Matt Enwright; David Clennon as Miles Drentel


Michael and Nancy go to a writing class together while Michael and Elliot get hired at D.A.A. as a creative team.


Michael decides to attend a writing workshop wtih Ivy Dunbar, a writer he greatly respects. Nancy's book is still being rejected with comments implying that the story is weak. Matt Enright, her new boyfriend, encourages her to keep working on the story.

Miles Drentel of D.A.A. left a message for Michael, who returns his call and is invited to come in with Elliot for a meeting. Elliot is excited, Michael pessimistic.

Michael goes to the workshop and Nancy shows up, neither realizing the other would be there. They go for coffee afterward--Nancy is ecstatic, Michael is a little more jaded. Matt shows up and Michael gets to meet him.

The next morning, Michael and Elliot go to meet Miles. Much in the way of bantering, metaphors, and cryptic stories is exchanged before Miles makes an offer to bring them in as the new creative team. Elliot is all set to go, but Michael is resistant, knowing that Miles wants them to beg for the job first.

Back home, Michael sits down to work on the assignment for the workshop that week--it's horribly cheezy, a retro piece set in the coffee shop and Nancy stars. As Michael changes things, the story changes, erasing, and correcting. Then, in class Nancy reads a story about Elliot leaving, and Ivy seems to like it, but she comes down hard on Michael's because he worked on it and revised. She then proceeds (justifiably so) to destroy his dialogue.

Elliott and Michael wash the car and discuss Nancy's dating life. Elliot asks Michael to see if Nancy starts wearing a man's wrist watch because when she really fell for Elliot back in college, she kept his watch to have something of him (until it broke while they were making love). Melissa tries to help Michael see that Ivy is trying to help him and they reminisce about some cartoons they wrote together.

Miles invites Elliot and Michael to a shoot, but Michael is again angry and thinking that Miles just wants to mess around with them. Michael goes back to writing and this time sees himself kissing Nancy in the shop, then quickly puts Matt in his place, and adds a man's wrist watch. Michael and Elliot go to the shoot where Michael remains cool, then has a face off with Miles, telling him that he doesn't like him and Miles replies icily that he is amazed Michael thinks that he should care what Michael's opinion is. Elliot tries to talk him into the job and calm him down.

Michael reads his new story at the workshop and Nancy immediately picks up on the detail about the wristwatch, and is understandably furious with both him and Elliot. (Ivy liked the part about the watch because "it was real.") Matt brings up the issue of giving Elliot credit for the book's storyline with Nancy, but she doesn't seem to see how Elliot played a role in it. Michael goes to see Ivy about dropping the class and they end up discussing the importance, or lack thereof, of writers in the world. He goes to aplogize to Nancy, who is upset that Elliot told him at all.

The next day Michael goes to Miles and manages to get Miles to invite them to come in to interview, though he marks that Michael came to him. The scene fades to the workshop, where Michael is reading about the meeting, and Ivy approves.




--"Hey Michael, what're you wearing to Drentel's tomorrow?" --Elliot

--"Something conservative. Maybe Hope's cranberry Leslie Fay suit." --Michael

"You have some terrible bad habits and you still have to learn the difference between eloquence and masturbation." --Ivy Dunbar's writing advice to Michael

"That's very sneaky of you, being nice to me when I'm angry at you." --Hope to Michael