Episode 217--"best of enemies"


Joseph Dougherty


Joseph Dougherty

Air Date

5/16/89, 1/29/91

Guest Stars

Patricia Kalember as Susannah Hart; Lynne Thigpen as Rosie; Terry Kinney as Steve Woodman


Hope writes a story on the Race Street Project, which causes tension with Gary.


Hope and Michael go to Melissa for a family photo shoot and talk about Hope's upcoming story with The Philadelphia Inquirer. Hope runs off to help Gary shop for the baby, despite Melissa's scoffing attitude and bet with Michael ($10) that within a year Susannah and the baby will be history.

Susannah gets the word that she has toxemia and must stay in bed, which she subsequently refuses to accept. Gary goes down to Race Street to help run things along with Rosie until Susannah can come back. While Hope and Gary shop, she tells him about her story proposal which he is very excited about since many of Race Street's grants are coming up for renewal and could use the exposure. Sitting in bed, Susannah shoots suction darts at the TV screen from a mini-crossbow. Ellyn and Woodman still have to work together, which is slightly awkward, but they are managing well.

Hope goes to interview Ellyn for the article and Ellyn gives her the low-down on how such centers work, tipping her off to the fact that Race Street might be getting some grants and then using the money for other (worthy) work. Gary and Hope go shopping again when she begins asking him about the grants and he defends Race Street completely, only to find out later from Rosie that they did indeed redirect the funds. Now Gary faces the dilemma of whether to tell Hope or not, and also if he should involve Susannah in the upheaval. Out shopping again, Gary tells Hope the truth, but then tries to defend his position so much that it looks like he's asking Hope to bury the article, and a small fight breaks out.

Gary goes shopping for a better living space with Michael in tow, and they end up griping about how much it takes to get a decent house in today's society. Rosie slips and mentions the article to Susannah. Gary goes to Hope and asks again that she leave the grant information out of the article, so Hope finally blows up completely at him and his insinuations that she's only sticking it to Race Street because she doesn't like Susannah. At home, Susannah comes down hard on Gary for trying to protect her from the article.

Hope asks Michael if they really have sold out and he says yes, to her dismay. They're building a family though and he just thinks that Gary is scared of the intimacy required for that. When Gary goes to meet Ellyn, he is incredibly prepared and buries her in paperwork. They discuss Hope's article and Gary once again gets uptight and defensive of Susannah until Ellyn calls him on his own motives--he just wants this to go through because he loves Susannah.

Hope takes the finished article for Susannah to see, which she appreciates. When she finds out that Gary asked Hope to leave things out, Susannah is indignant and says she's glad that Hope didn't. She expresses her regret about Hope's miscarriage and they're almost nice to each other. Gary shows up on the doorstep and apologizes to Hope while discussing the virtues of family and responsibility.


  • Gary wants to name the baby Thor if it's a boy and Ariadne if it's a girl
  • Gary's favorite toy was Lincoln Logs (as was Michael's)
  • Mr. Squeeze appears, being carted around in the back of a truck remote controlled by Elliot
  • Michael and Elliot refer to Angel and Hollis as "Alice and Trixie"
  • Gary once tried to start a program called "Mozart Under the Stars" at college
  • Hope irons wallpaper
  • Michael took Hope to see 101 Dalmations on a date once, as opposed to Lady and the Tramp since Pongo and Perdida were a much more stable couple without too many cultural differences
  • Janey will be 14 in 2000
  • Gary broke his ankle a few years ago.
  • Fashion

    Someone, probably Carol Pershing, attacked Polly Draper with a bad home permanent. That individual, and they know who they are, should be fined for violating the Treaty for Good Hair on Television.

    Laura Linger has the following observations (thanks, Laura!):

    "First, in the scene at the Steadmans' house, where Nancy, Hope, and Ellyn are working in the kitchen, did you notice that Nancy is wearing an "Enright Hardware" t-shirt? A nice touch, given Nancy's relationship with Matt Enright (or, as Elliot calls him, The Wrench King). Second, despite Ellyn's funky permed look, I have to say that Polly Draper looks *beautiful* in emerald green. She wears a green blouse in the scene where she is speaking with Woodman in her office, and I really just think that is a color that works for her."


    "You're being awfully whimsical for a man whose wife is holding a knife." --Hope

    "He may be your friend, but I've slept with him. He's Houdini in a Peter Pan suit and nothin's gonna change that." -- Melissa

    "I am much too angry to remain horizontal." --Susannah

    "Not a malicious bone in that man's body, but look out for his good intentions." --Susannah regarding Gary

    --"How are you feeling?" --Hope

    --"Puffy." --Susannah

    "I can't work. I can't smoke, I can't drink. This isn't a fetus, it's a parole officer." --Susannah