Episode 302--"love and sex"

Liberty Godshall
Marshall Herskovitz
Air Date
10/3/89, 1/30/90
Guest Star
Brad Pitt as Bernard (I'm not making this up); Cheryl Pollack as Lauren; Richard Murphy as Danny; David Clennon as Miles Drentel
Hope gets bogged down in a quagmire of missing the old romantic excitement of being a teenager.
Hope and Michael are trying to conceive another child, even to the point of Michael coming home in the middle of the day. Their babysitter, Lauren, is a little perplexed, but not particularly clued in. Hope gets to know Lauren a little and Lauren confides about her boyfriend Bernard, with whom she is completely in love. It makes Hope a little wistful for what she and Michael once had.

Gary comes by the office and expounds on why he'll never get married, even though he's in love with Susannah and the baby is due soon. At home, things get a little tense between Hope and Michael for really no apparent reason (though I think it was supposed to be the stress of marriage and trying to conceive). Michael tries to initiate sex, but Hope backs off (for really no apparent reason).

The next day, Hope watches Lauren and Bernard smooching on the front lawn while Michael hems and haws, not wanting to walk out past them. At work on Saturday, Michael and Elliot rifle through Drew's desk, and try to come up with new ideas, and banter with Miles when he comes through and makes them feel inferior. Meanwhile, Hope, Ellyn, and Melissa go to a lingerie shop and are trying to figure out how some of the more bizarre items work and pondering who would wear it.

Returning home, they find Lauren having a picnic with Bernard on the front lawn, music blaring wildly, while Janey is alone in the house. Hope loses it (justifiably so) but calms down later when she finds out that Bernard is moving away for good which is why he came by. Hope tries to give good advice, but somehow is portrayed as being an old fogey in matters of the heart. Michael and Hope settle in that night in bed with books and, yes, looking like old fogeys. As she drifts off, Hope remembers making love with Michael on a pile of coats at a party.

The next day, Hope gets a message to call Lauren and returns home to find that she needs a ride to see Bernard over in Lansdale, 20 miles away. Nancy agrees to take Janey and Hope's off on the adventure. Bernard shows up in a red mustang along with a friend, Danny, who somehow manages to overlook the age difference and hits on Hope. When it's time to leave, Hope's car won't start and they have to hitch a ride back with Bernard and Danny. The ride in the convertible seems to do Hope some good and she's acting like a teenager again. At dinner, Michael manages to miss the point of the adventure and Hope's a little disappointed. He slips back to remembering how he met her on a fixup on New Year's Eve, picking her up at her door and they fell at first sight. They stared at each other all night and kissed at midnight.

Returning home, Lauren is still there, waiting for Bernard to come pick her up as he's spending the night at Danny's. Michael tries to initiate sex again, but Hope is off-putting, saying that he's never around anymore. Later that night, Hope gets out of bed and accidentally spies Bernard and Lauren making love downstairs. At work, Michael and Elliot get a wild hair and pitch a presentation in a way that Miles doesn't want them to, the first real intimation of the coming storm. Hope and Lauren have a big, long talk about why having sex was such a big risk, but somehow Hope again ends up looking like a big wet blanket. Hope recalls when she knew she was in love with Michael, as they were looking for their car outside of a movie.

That night, while the thunderstorm continues, Hope and Michael finally have it out, Michael sharing his insecurities about work, and how they feel they've drifted so far.

  • Janey is speaking a little, getting a few lines
  • Drew, the assistant, is mentioned
  • Opener clips of 1) Gary in bike gear at the office with Michael and Elliot, 2) Hope and Michael talking in stairwell, 3) Michael holding Hope in the window reflection, and 4) Hope touching Michael's hair.
  • Michael's mid-1960s Volkswagen coupe is featured
  • Michael was once horribly in love with Linda Cobain, and Gary with Susan Forrest.
  • Michelle Whaling notes that "while Hope is putting little stars on Janey's ceiling, you can see a beeper clipped to the back of her pants (her blouse goes up while reaching).
  • Fashion
    Hope's hair was very long in the flashback to New Year's Eve.
    Goofs Music Quotes
    "His motorcycle is bigger than my car." --Michael growling about Bernard

    "I'm not really a Milk Duds kind of guy." --Miles

    "Y'know, at Woolworth's--right across the street--they have white cotton bikini underpants. 3 for $5." --Melissa to Hope in the lingerie shop