Episode 307--"pilgrims"


Richard Kramer


Ken Olin

Air Date


Guest Stars

Elizabeth Hoffman as Eleanor Krieger; Lou Hancock as [unknown]; Darrell Fetty as [unknown]; Anabella Price as [unknown]; Connie Forslund as [unknown]; Coleby Lombardo as [unknown]


Nancy's Mom has moved to the area from Indiana just in time for Thanksgiving. Ethan is worried about a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood, and Elliot reassures him.


Elliot packs up things at his old apartment and moves back home, arriving in the midst of a hectic morning getting ready for school, so he begins pitching in immediately. Ethan's friend Nicholas comes by and they walk to school together, talking about the rash of local robberies. Nancy's Mom has finally moved to the area and Nancy goes over to her place amidst the boxes and they talk about the upcoming Thanksgiving. While everyone does outside fall activities, Ethan and Nicholas play in the yard and talk about the phenomenon of dads leaving and then coming back, and Nancy and Hope agree that it's nice to have everyone back.

That night, Ethan hears sirens approaching and it inspires something of a panic attack. At work, Nancy drops by and wheedles Elliot into letting them have everyone over for Thanksgiving. Eleanor and Ethan play cards and Ethan asks about his grandfather. Eleanor admits that he left once, but when he came back, he stayed. While Michael and Elliot squabble over Miles' food basket, Elliot affirms that he would never again have an affair, even though guys never really stop noticing other women. Elliot tries to help Ethan with his reading class and they work together, but Ethan walks out, tired and frustrated. In the morning, there is a momentary struggle in which Ethan tries to fake sick and stay home.

At work, Michael and Elliot bat around how much fun it is to have a son. Over at Nicholas' house, Ethan observes Nicky's dad coming in and out, canceling on their plans, and bringing his girlfriend around. The conflict scares Ethan and he takes off.

That night, Nancy, her Mom, and Elliot talk about how Ethan seems anxious and Eleanor and Elliot start going at each other again. Ethan gets very upset and worries that the problems are all starting over again. The sitter, Mrs. Klimpt, comes over, and Nancy and Elliot go out for their dinner plans. Ethan thinks he hears noises later, is frantic, and wakes up the sitter. When Nancy and Elliot get home, they find police cars everywhere--Ethan had convinced Mrs. Klimpt to call the cops. Elliot tells him to go to bed and Ethan throws a fit and refuses, precipitating a power struggle.

The next day, Ethan locks himself in his room while Elliot plays outside with Britty. Elliot helps Nancy with dinner and tells a jarring story about the Thanksgiving that his mother got dead drunk and didn't turn the oven on, but Elliot was able to save the day because the turkey was a self-baster. Everyone tries to coax him out, but Ethan stays in his room. As she's leaving, Eleanor softens a little toward Elliot, saying he's not such a bad guy, and encourages him to give Ethan a little time to get over the separation.

That night, Ethan wakes up again, terrified, and Elliot helps him go outside and search the yard. They don't find anything but the wind, and Elliot holds Ethan for a long time before carrying him back inside.


  • Nancy has two siblings named Deb and Susan
  • Opener clip of Nancy and Hope on the front porch, and a clip of Elliot pretending to get shot and falling down behind the table while Michael can't stop laughing.
  • First appearance of Nicholas, Ethan's friend
  • Miles gives out little Thanksgiving baskets
  • Ethan has a blue lunchbox
  • Fashion



    "Does this mean I have to find a new way of looking at [Elliot]? I was just getting comfortable with the judgmental bitch approach." -- Hope

    "Y'know, is it really possible to 'hasten and chasten' at the same time? I never really bought that part." --Hope's analysis of the song

    "Did you see the police sketch? It was like one of my video dates." --Melissa

    "Pocahantas was a very important person, do you know why? Because she was the very first person to put marshmallows on top of sweet potatoes." --Elliot to Britty

    "Will someone please call the Norman Rockwell police?" --Nancy


  • Patricia Wettig is truly beautiful when she smiles. There's a very nice open, genuine quality about her. Timothy Busfield, however, has extremely well-manicured hands for a guy and that worries me a little.

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