Episode 314--"once a mermaid"

Ellen Simon
Ann Lewis Hamilton
Ellen S. Pressman
Air Dates
Jeffrey & Ellyn
2/6/90, 7/10/90
Guest Stars
Richard Gilliland as Jeffrey Milgrom; Felicity la Fortune as Valerie Milgrom; Erich Anderson as Billy Sidel
Ellyn runs into Jeffrey Milgrom again and they begin an affair.
Michael and Hope set up Ellyn with a nice friend of theirs, Billy Sidel. She reluctantly agrees, then promptly runs into Jeffrey Milgrom again. They half-heartedly fight their attraction for one another and Hope begins to vaguely suspect that something might be up since Ellyn is acting entirely too cheerful and covering something.

Ellyn goes out with Billy to an art film and they have a nice time, but she explains that she's started seeing someone and they just let it go. While waiting on a clandestine meeting with Jeffrey in the park, Ellyn runs into Gary, out for a bike ride, and the three just miss an awkward meeting. Gary does notice Jeffrey with Ellyn as he leaves and he innocently mentions this to Hope and Michael later. Ellyn and Jeffrey begin their affair in earnest, consumating just about everywhere imaginable.

While everyone is at Hope's for a dinner party, they play a game that involves naming off great pairs from history such as Romeo and Juliet. This leads Michael to blurt out Ellyn and Jeffrey, which lets the cat out of the bag. Ellyn leaves for the kitchen and Gary follows her to apologize while he and Melissa expound their philosophy of "it's your life, we can't judge you."

Ellyn and Hope talk upstairs and Hope makes a strong point for not having an affair, but wimps out some by the end. Eventually, Ellyn feels guilty and gives Jeffrey an ultimatum. He catches up with her later at the Y, where they first met in the swimming pool, and says he'll leave his wife for her.



Erich Anderson, playing Billy Sidel, has a beard in this episode and looks much better for it, sort of like Raul Malo of the Mavericks.
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