Episode 315--"fathers and lovers"


Ramsey Fadiman


Ramsey Fadiman and Winnie Holzman


Peter O'Fallon

Air Dates

A yuppy monster is created

2/13/90, 7/4/90

Guest Stars

Mariska Hargitay as Courtney Dunn; John Moskiff as Herb Segal; Corey Parker as Lee Owens; Phyllis Newman as Elaine Steadman; Herbert Edelman as Murray Steadman; Shelly Desai as Igor, Paul Wilson as Assistant Director, Mina Kolb as Florence; Robyn Rishman as Young Melissa; Dianne Turley Travis as Realtor; Annie La Russa as Yuppie Wife; D. David Morin as Yuppie Husband; Louan Gideon as Salesperson; Elvira as herself; Peter O'Fallon as Director Peter O'Fallon [tentative]


Melissa's parents meet Lee and she secretly gets him a job at D.A.A.


Melissa invites her parents over to meet Lee with Hope and Michael along in tow to keep things civil. The parents mostly talk to Michael, unconsciously bringing out how successful he is while stumbling around Lee. Melissa mentions that her building is up for sale and her lease is up as well. Melissa goes to visit Michael and they mull over her parents' view of Lee. She then goes to see her father at the law office, flashes back to childhood some, and her dad suggests that she buy her building.

Lee evaluates Hope and Michael's kitchen and they settle on what work he will do for them. When Melissa moves his truck so Hope can leave, she discovers a sketchbook of Lee's work under the seat. That night, getting ready for bed, Melissa lets Lee know that she saw the book, hinting that he could do something with it someday, but Lee insists that it's just a fun hobby.

Melissa returns home the next day to find an agent showing her loft to some prospective buyers. While trying to order Chinese, Melissa mentions that there's a trainee job in the matte room at D.A.A. and she's gotten him a slot for an interview. After telling Melissa that he won't go, Lee shows up anyway and completely bombs the interview with Courtney Dunn. Melissa tells her Dad she doesn't want to buy the building, but he has decided to buy it for himself anyway, and denies that he's doing it just to take care of her.

While Nancy and Hope are over watching Melissa clean the loft and complain, it comes out that Nancy is going in for her first chemo the next day. Melissa asks about the interview and Lee is somewhat cynical and sour about it. Melissa goes to see Elliot and he tells her the idea she suggested for a commercial (involving Frankenstein) is going to be used. On that pretext, she manipulates Elliot into looking at Lee's art book and giving him a second shot. While Lee is painting the kitchen, Michael comes in and tells him that he got the D.A.A. job.

Lee is tremendously excited and paces around the loft in his bathrobe, pontificating about fate while Melissa looks extremely queasy. The next day, Melissa and Ellyn go to the mall and are given horrible makeovers, after which Melissa rushes to meet her Dad and his lawyer friend, Herb, who make her feel like she's six years old. Lee has a good time at work until Elliot mentions how much he liked seeing Lee's book. Meeting Melissa at a restaurant later, Lee confronts her with it and leaves angry. Melissa goes to Hope and Michael's, and ends up talking to Michael and feeling guilty that she pushed Lee into the interview.

Out at dinner on her parents' anniversary, a small squabble evolves over who pays the check and it turns to the purchase of the building. Melissa is suddenly convicted by the similarity of what she did to Lee and what her father is trying to do for her. While on the set of the Frankenstein commercial, Melissa has a nightmare of her mother as the director, her father as Dr. Frankenstein, Lee as a monster of an ad executive only able to say "Armani" and "Somebody dinged my beamer" with herself as the bride in a white wedding dress and veil. Returning home that night, Melissa finds Lee at the apartment and they continue to hash out her regret and his resentment for her having gotten him a job that secretly he likes very much. Everything is resolved romantically.


  • Opener clip of Melissa holding her feet and looking queasy
  • Hope and Michael ask Lee to work on their kitchen
  • Hope is driving a large blue Bronco/Cherokee
  • Lee has a garnet pickup truck
  • Lee went to Philadelphia College of Art for a year
  • The director of the Frankenstein commercial is briefly introduced as Peter O'Fallon (the same name as the director of the episode, perhaps the same person)
  • Fashion

    Melissa's one earrring and the jacket with the numbers appear.


    --"Is the wine breathing?" --Melissa

    --"Hyperventilating. How are you?" --Lee

    --"Hyperventilating." --Melissa

    --"We don't need a color consultation." --Melissa

    --"We already know we're white girls." --Ellyn

    --"Yeah, you should see us dance." --Melissa