Episode 319--"three year itch"


Ann Lewis Hamilton


Victor DuBois

Air Date


Guest Stars

The Infidelity Club

Anne De Salvo as Margaux; J.D. Souther as John Dunaway; David Clennon as Miles Drentel; Tyra Ferrell as Ricky Bianca; Richard Gilliland as Jeffrey Milgrom; Bruce Wright as Morgan; Gail Grate as Becky


John Dunaway invites Hope to interview for a job in Washington D.C. and she is tempted by thoughts of having an affair with him.


Hope rattles on about the upcoming Fairfield vote as Michael helps the extremely pregnant Hope make sure she didn't miss any spots shaving. Hope encourages Michael to ask Miles about the job raise that came with his job. Hope is tense and nervous about the vote, which they lose. Miles suggests that Michael use his personal decorator and agrees to double Michael's salary. In a maternal funk, Hope reads Ferdinand to Janey.

The next day, Hope goes about being maternal, doing laundry, and such but is obviously a little restless and looking for something to do. She calls John back and asks him to lunch to discuss other options. While getting ready, Ellyn quizzes Hope about John.

Margo begins decorating the office and making strange color suggestions, all of which have food names. Elliot encourages Michael to ask for his raise and for some reason Michael is reluctant to tell Elliot that he already has it. Over lunch with John, Hope expresses her frustration at not having anything productive to do and how everyone asumes that she'll be too occupied with the baby to do anything else.

Michael tells Hope that he got the raise and as they begin to kiss, she sees him as John for an instant. John calls back from Washington and asks Hope to come down to talk to an agency that has a position for a newsletter coordinator. At the park, Nancy, Ellyn, and Hope talk about dreams and sexual fantasies-- Nancy had it in for Sean Connery and Hope for James Taylor.

On the train to Washington, Hope has a nightmare about entering the Infidelity Club car (Ellyn and Jeffrey are there and Elliot is waiting for Sheryl Eastman). Elliot finds out from Hollis that Michael got a raise and confronts him with it. Hope and John have a nice time at dinner, end up dancing, and she offers him a drink back in her hotel room. They're both a little befuddled, obviously attracted and fighting it. They talk for a long time and finally kiss, but he leaves before anything else happens.

Hope calls to check in and say that she's staying over an extra day (to go to museums) only to find out that Michael managed to set a small fire in the kitchen. Michael tells Elliot an anecdote about a childhood friend of his who got a nice bike, which caused him to be jealous and want the same bike, and this somehow explained the situation and enabled Michael to apologize.

Hope confesses what happened to Ellyn and Ellyn encourages her not to say anything. In the end, she simply goes to sleep without mentioning it.


  • Hope uses a Personal Touch razor
  • Opener clip of Ellyn laughing and falling back on the bed while Hope looks on
  • John eats mustard on his fries
  • Hope is craving hot dogs
  • Hope's ob/gyn is Dr. Hal
  • Hope's hotel room was the nicest one I've ever seen--must've been a bed and breakfast
  • Hope's parents weren't exactly rich and she feels she was raised with an expectation to give something back
  • Hope was a reporter for a year, then did research for a foundation
  • Hope suggests flat ginger ale for John's upset stomach (thanks to Cyndie Baker for catching that one)
  • Fashion

  • Elliot wears a jacket pin
  • Michael's blue bathrobe with white designs appears
  • Quotes

    "I wish you weren't married." --John Dunaway

    "Either way I think it'd be pretty neat to have a samurai in the family." --Michael, on the baby's probable profession