The Men of thirtysomething

Obsessed with responsibility or the attempts to avoid it...that was the basic lynchpin of the male character on for the male characters on thirtysomething. (All images very kindly provided by Brian Bolin, reproduced without intent for infringement and only for the education and enjoyment of the viewers of this page.)

Ken Olin as Michael Steadman

Michael Steadman forms the core of the thirtysomething cast. If you'll notice, all the characters directly link back to him--as relatives, co-workers, and friends. (OK, so Ellyn might contest that, but since she's Michael's wife's best friend, I say she counts.) The show is arguably his story, his struggles to define his role as a father, son, husband, brother, friend, and provider.

Timothy Busfield as Elliot Weston

We first meet Elliot Weston as the irresponsible, wildly creative half of the Michael & Elliot Company. Fiercely loving of his children, he is less concerned with his marriage and responsibilities. Over the course of the show, we watch his evolution into a caring and devoted husband, and even are shown the promise that his career will flourish as well. For all those who walk a fine line, Elliot is hope.

Peter Horton as Gary Shepherd

David Clennon as Miles Drentel

Enigmatic employer or devilish adversary--Miles Drentel could change at the drop of a hat. As the head of D.A.A., the high power advertising agency that hires on Michael and Elliot, he attempted to mold the men for his ends and was ultimately defeated.

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