Including a Link in a Message

You can include a "link" (an Internet address) in an e-mail message or newsgroup posting. The recipient sees colored words which, when clicked, cause your browser's main window to appear, displaying a particular Internet site.

To include an Internet link in an e-mail message or newsgroup posting

  1. Create a newsgroup message as described in Posting a Newsgroup Message.
  2. Create an e-mail message.
  3. Type a Web address in the message composition area. Be careful to type the address (also referred to as a URL or location) exactly right, or the link won't work.
  4. Click the Send button.
You don't have to do any special formatting in your message. Just exactly copy the text you see in the Location (also called "Address," or "URL") text box, near the top of the main window (e.g., The e-mail program automatically recognizes the address and turns it into a link.

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