Archie is a tool used to search FTP sites for particular software or filenames that will also search for keywords within filenames.  Archie indexes millions of files from FTP sites worldwide.  The Archie program relies on an Archie server and an Archie client.  Your computer and browser are not able to interact with Archie; you must instead go to an Archie client and use its ArchiePlex form to search for a file or keyword(s) on an Archie server.  See below, and we'll show you how.

To find an Archie client, which is your first step -- go to this Archie site:

The ArchiePlex Form

    When you click on an Archie site link, the address you clicked on appears in the Location bar and an ArchiePlex form displays, much like the one shown here.  The form may vary in design from site to site, but the basic information you add to the form is the same.

    Typical ArchiePlex Form

    This ArchiePlex form can locate files on Anonymous FTP sites in the Internet.  Other servers can be found on the List of WWW Archie Services.
    Search for:

    There are several types of search:

    The results can be sorted By Host or By Date

    Several Archie Servers can be used:

    You can restrict the results to a domain (e.g. "uk"):

    You can restrict the number of results to a number < 100:

    The impact on other users can be:

    Note:  You may see some information about forms and simple ArchiePlex or the use of a non-form version of Archie.  You don't have to worry about this; all current browsers uses forms.

    Your next step is to complete the form.  In its simplest use, this is typing in a filename or keyword you think may be in a filename and clicking on the Submit button.  Note, you are not searching within files themselves.  So if a keyword is within a file but not part of a filename, Archie is not going to find it.  Remember, Archie produces an index of millions of filenames on Archie servers all over the world.  A search is based entirely on a file's name.

    Form Field Names and Entries

    The ArchiePlex form's fields are explained below.  Read through the field descriptions and options, then go to an ArchiePlex site and try using the form.

    Once you have entered your search information and set the options, click on the Submit button.  The program will time out after about five minutes and return an error message if a search has not completed before that time.

    If you don't get any results or the results you get are disappointing, try again.  This time experiment with options.

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